Contest of the Year (Not)

[color=indigo]If there’s gonna be a contest of the year at this year’s Gussies, here’s the winner.
Sorry song game…

Here’s what ya gotta do…go here

Browse about a bit…

Come back to this thread…
post pictures of your three favorites…
win place and show…

Win = 5 points
Place = 4 points
Show = 3 points

Send 50 Guanxi to me.

You can nominate any contestant. You can enter as often as you’d like. For instructions on how to post pics, PM me. Nominations close midnight Dec. 5th.

Winner gets 50% of the total guanxi collected and I keep 50%. If you hit the trifecta, you get an extra 25%. I’m saving for a skyscraper…[/color]

Rayna NALDZHIEVA, Bulgaria

Maria Eugenia VARGAS, Dominican Republic


I won’t post pics and I’ll ask a friend for guanxi. But my picks are:

Imogen, Wales. OMG, is she hot.
Natalia, Uruguay.
Jenjira, Thailand.

I can’t resist; here’s the Welsh lass.

May all you feminists out there forgive me.

How do you qualify to become a beauty contest judge? I think I should be one, as I have a surefire method for determining which one should be the winner. Criteria shall be judged privately in my chambers.

Maria Rafaela Verdadero YUNON

Cindy NELL
South Africa


Okay, so I dig brunettes. Whoever said that gentlemen prefer blondes was full of it.

Honestly, though, this was very hard pickings. I’d do vote for almost any of’em.

Well, I’m not being politically correct, but Miss China’s hot! Now I know why they call it Greater China! Reunification? Bring it on… :sunglasses: :smiley:

Miss Korea does it for me, and Miss Vietnam looks lovely in the second and third of her photos (though not too appealing in the first).

But, of course, there’s little chance of an East Asian winning the title or even being placed in the top three. They never seem to win favour with the judges, though I can’t for the life of me understand why.

Chirst, I only got to ‘B’, but half the women in that Miss World are downright ugly, and 90% are nothing special. I’d say three quarters of the young women you see ont he street here are better looking than three quarters of the women there, and half the women on the streets back home in Wellington are better looking than half the woment here.


Agree with Omni on this one!!

Can I vote too?? Personally, I think Miss Hong Kong is very pretty!! :wink:

I’m with Maoman regarding Miss China. Damn!

Miss Ukraine could also turn me into a helpless, servile boy, and did you check out some of the Latin American babes?

My ex is sister to a Miss America finalist (circa 1995). I’ve sat through more beauty pageants than I care to remember. I generally slept through the talent and interview portions, and came alive for the swimsuit competition :smiley: . I always thought the organizers, the ladies in their 30s who had been finalists in previous years, were hotter than the young ones on stage.

Agree with Omni on this one!!

can I vote too?? Personally, I think Miss Hong Kong is very pretty!! :wink:[/quote]

Yes, you can…but you gotta pay to play…this goes for everyone…

No Guanxi, no vote-ee!!!

call me kinky. that soft woolly sweater on miss denmark really does it for me.

I was all set to call Brian GAY, then i saw the web site. Who let the dogs out? Miss Ukraine? She looks like one of the cheeky girls. I really thought they were gonna be hot hot hot. But they are not not not. And the spiel thats written next to them. She wants to save the world, and own her own tv company, and live in the ocean. Sure, Im gonna save the world through modelling.
Well, maybe Im the one who is gay. Better go and check my girlfriend out!

Some people are picky picky picky. Sure, some of’em aren’t supermodel quality, but let’s get real - how many would you kick out of bed for eating crackers?

:shock: Miss England’s 2nd shot is nude. Is that allowed?

christ…thats the best England can offer? my arse it is! I am England born and raised and I can say that ive ‘wrestled’ with better than that. … alworld_dc

Miss Canada…Nazanin AFSHIN-JAM

Not the hottest of women to choose from, but check out her bio…

[quote=“Some PR guy”]Nazanin is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a degree in International Relations and Political Science, including Scholarship studies at the prestigious Science Po in Paris and Herstmonceux Castle in England.
Nazanin is a Global Youth Educator with the Red Cross, where she teaches global issues such as landmines, poverty-disease cycle and children affected by war. She currently studies Broadcast Journalism and plans to combine her knowledge and skills in these fields as a foreign correspondent. Nazanin has received dozens of awards and scholarships throughout her education, and is an accomplished international model and actor. Nazanin is also a pilot, holding licenses for both powered aircraft and gliders, and has achieved the highest possible rank in The Royal Canadian Air Cadets. She has received many service awards for volunteer work and has special training in public speaking, dance, competitive sports and bush survival skills. Nazanin has traveled extensively and speaks English, French, Farsi and conversational Spanish.[/quote]

Now that’s

Miss Armenia to win. Yowzer! Talk about sultry. How do you post a darn photo here!

Toesave I considered joining in but 500 is pretty step especially when half of that goes to you. Now had you not have asked I might have just forked some over for the beauty of the contest.


Right click on the photo you want to import and left click on “properties”. Highlight and copy the url addy. Paste it into your message. Highlight the url in your message and click on the “Img” button.

You gotta bet big to win big. You gotta pay to play.

Maybe I should lower the ante or my commision. Would people risk their precious Guanxi then? To date, we have zero takers.

I am sad. :cry:

Make it 50 instead of 500 guanxi and you’d have some takers. Probably 90% of the posters on Forumosa don’t even have that much guanxi.