Contract issue

I just signed a taiwan contract overseas, I’ve had no personal contact with them, have not worked for them at all and they didn’t sign on the contract either. I also don’t have work permit and all the Taiwanese government knows is that I am going to Taiwan on tourist purposes for 60 days. I want to break it now and resign; however, they stipulated that if I don’t give one month’s notice of resignation they’ll fine me. Can they do anything against me?

I don’t see how they can. You’re not even here, are you? They’re full of bovine excrement.

But I’m curious. You want to “resign?” With the same school? Huh? If you have a tourist visa, and no ARC through that school, you’re in a good position IMO.


Uh… that’s called blackmail. That’s wrong. Sounds like an evil school.

At Hess, you pay a fine if you break the contract - but that’s usually if you’ve already gone through training and are at your school teaching classes already. If you haven’t even made it to Taiwan yet, then there are no strings attached.

Sounds like an evil school… Ignore them and they’ll find other little fishies to eat. If they give you shit, we’ll get the local mafia to “talk sense” to 'em.

Woah there Booger Digger!

I assume that the OP is referring to a clause in the contract that refers to a penalty for breach. This is pretty standard in contracts here, and I don’t think that it makes the school ‘evil’.

Of course that clause only really has practicality once the teacher has started working here, and as the OP has yet to arrive it doesn’t seem that it is likely to be an issue.

James 651 - My advice would be to be apologetic to the school. Write to them or phone them and let them know that you circumstances have changed and that you will not be able to work for them. Be apologetic but direct, and avoid mentioning that you will be coming to Taiwan. Don’t get bogged down with excuses.

Most people advise against signing contracts before you arrive, and I certainly agree with this advice. Check the school out before you sign up as it just makes sense.

Go to Taiwan first. You could sign with Hess though. They pay better than most big chains (now). But…

Anyway, I’m assuming they didn’t/aren’t paying for your flight there (what a rip off that is, by the way). So, nothing to worry about. People respond well to “I’m sorry” in Taiwan.