Contract termination problem

Hello everyone,
I seem to have found myself in a situation.
I (pretty hastily) signed a contract with a cram school and soon realised I had made a terrible mistake.

I tried to work out some of the issues with the school but after several attempts and no signs of change, despite what we had agreed upon, I decided to leave.

I gave my notice (but did not sign any paperwork to end the contract, as I naively didn’t know the procedure) and continued to search for a new job. I now no longer work at the school.

Communication with the school pretty much stopped at that. I now know that I need a contract termination document and have reached out to them several times and got no response. I really don’t want to have to just show up to the school unannounced with the form in hand, but right now I can’t see another way for me to get this paperwork done as the boss is refusing to set up a time to talk with me.

I have called the cla who advised me to try and sort it out with the school myself.

Since I haven’t been able to get through to the boss, should I just show up with the form and ask for a signature? Or does anyone know of a better way to go about this?

Another question is, should I go to the school and my boss refuses to sign what are my options?

I have since found a new job and am unable to get a new work permit processed since the old school has not cancelled the old one.

partially this is a good thing for you. If they cancelled your work permit and you didn’t apply for 6 month ARC extension, your ARC would be canceled and you could overstayed now.

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The form has to be signed and chopped with the company stamp.

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Thanks, so I’m fine to just show up with the form do you reckon? Ask for the bosses signature and stamp and I’ll be done with them?

No idea how it will play out.