I’m being asked to sign a contract with my school but they say they can’t get an ARC because they are only allowed 2 foreign teachers at the school, is this kind of thing normal? Is there any point in the contract without an ARC? Any help/info would be appreciated

Why sign a contract if they won’t give you an ARC?

Sounds sketchy to me. Can u provide more details. Maybe some of us have had dealings with this “school” before.

What they are telling you is probably true as there are indeed work permit quotas for employers of foreign teachers.

I agree with the others - Why sign a contract if there is no ARC? If you are taking that job try to do so without signing a contract if you are not getting something in return.

I’ve been working at the school for a month now, it’s called L.A.V.

Don’t want to lose the job by not signing the contract but at the same time I can’t see how a contract would be legally binding without an ARC.

Can’t imagine them going to the labor people and saying that an illegally employed teacher has done a runner!