Convenience Stores: What is that? Would you eat that?

The main food group of Taiwan is, dot-dot-dot, the convenience store. Many of these things are a mystery.

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Learn to read Chinese or use Google translate app and it will be less of a mystery. Or just eat it and try.


Honestly I feel the same way about convenience store food. I’ve never considered anything but the fantuan or the fruit to be viable food options.

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I don’t think people actually eat that stuff unless they have no choice. They’re stuck outside at 10pm, just stepped off a train, and need something … erm, convenient. The more usual choice - within business hours - would be a mom-and-pop restaurant, not 7-11.

I think the employees know it’s crap. I’d had a few tins of beer once and (as you do) felt like a 7-11 hot dog. As I was getting one out of the roller thingy, the clerk said “yeah, you probably don’t want to eat that, it’s been there about six hours”. I ate it anyway.


A couple of tea eggs on the way home after a session always go down a treat. Often come back out a bit explosively the next day.


Oh I forgot about the tea eggs. Those are okay sometimes, if you catch them while they’re fresh. Same for sweet potato. It’s the packaged things that I stay away from. God knows what’s in that.

You know you’re supposed to take the shells off before you eat them?


I could eat 50 eggs with the shells on.

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my dog did that once. nuclear dog farts. had to kick him out the house for a while.


I’m eating this thing that appears to be an egg. WTF some crazy alternative world or something?

And this egg like thing can live in this little plastic bag for more than 30 days?!.

I guess the unhealthy preservatives in there will just preserve me more.


Make an effort!

I guess it’s time to rejoin forumosa with another name.

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Yeah, I was thinking I wouldn’t want to be downwind of BiggusDickus after that little stunt. The force would be particularly strong with that one.

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you should try a pi dan if you are impressed with this.

The 涼麵 are pretty deec I reckon
The jiayi flavour one is interesting. It has mayo.

Some convenience stores sell donuts. Also, potato chips, even flavors other than oyster pancake!

But oyster pancake flavour is my favorite!

No man can eat 50 eggs.


In that case, my young friend, you shall never leave Taiwan.

The only advantage i see over mom and pop shops is they are more likely to be tested, not sell spoiled/expired etx. Still happens but nothing like recycled local fried rice. In a way its like mkst big chains i guess. There is some form of safety checks.