Conversation text books for teenagers? (help!)

Hi all,
I’m looking for a text book that i can use to help stimulate a twice weekly 30 minute conversation class. It’s half a dozen 14 year old students of a lower/intermediate level and I’m looking for a book that will give them examples of ways to express their feelings and opinions.

I’m looking for something that can give me some text with a topic of conversation, relevant to their age, some questions to put them (and ideally some answers that will teach them a new sentence pattern). If anyone has any ideas toward a book that may be able to help me out- Or any alternative suggestions I’d be immensely grateful. :s

Thanks in advance. 

I like to teach Side-by-Side for jnr high classes. If you get the teachers manual you will see lots of ideas on how to teach and what activities that involve speaking. If you read through the actual book you could be mistaken in thinking it’s about grammar but it’s not, especially if you read the teachers manual. It is all about facilitating conversations, and especially good for teenagers.

New interchange and the headway series are good for these age groups. As is Get together but I’m not a big fan of get together as it is mostly filling out grammar exercises.

Headway is OK, Get Together is as described above, but never had success with younger teens and New Interchange. It’s written for older students, and generally the kids just don’t seem to get excited by it. I saw a series that I think was called Green Light, and it looked to be worth a go. Has anyone tried it?

English Conversation in Taiwan - Michael Yeldham. It looks pretty good, tho’ I’ve never used it.