Convert Flash 8 file to Flash MX


just wondering if anyone knows how to convert a Flash 8 file to a Flash MX file. I basically need to edit between two different machines.

I tried saving it as a flash MX file while using Flash 8 but when I swapped machines it said the file was unrecognized.

are the any converting tools out there?


Flash 8 is MX2004, right?
And MX is effectively Flash 7, right?

I just need to be sure before I give you the wrong advice.

i better double check at work.


be back soon


i checked the help / about file on both. i need to move the file from one which is called flash 8 to another called flash mx 2002-2004.

does this help?


you need to open the file in flash eight then use “SaveAs” and save it as a FlashMX2004 file. (save it with a new name) If there were any Flash 8 specific effects used in the original, they will be lost. You’ll then be able to open the new file in Flash MX2004 pro.

PM me if you have any issues

Oh yeah, and once you’ve opened it on Flash MX 2004, you’ll have to do the whole “Save As” routine agin to get it down to Flash MX. Or you could get Flash eight for the other computer and be done with it.