Convert NTD to which currency?

Dear All,

I have been advised that it might not be wise to hold such a large portion of my assets in NTD, especially for the next two years, with the US$ being suggested as a safer place to put my money. The US dollar has risen from 28 to 33.5, and that makes me hesitant to transfer at this point, but it is said that it could rise to 34.5/35 or even higher.

Does anyone think that the US currency might drop back to 33.0 before continuing its rise. Perhaps with all this market volatility, Yellen may delay raising rates again… OR would you transfer now?

Is there a better currency to be in? The pound is weak, but I feel it could weaken to 45 at some stage…

Grateful for your input!

Euros! You could split between two or three currencies, then you’ll have options of sending Euros to Dollars to Pounds or vice versa. I think we’ll see $34 for a while…