Converting a Taiwanese license to a Chinese license

Chinese law states that a foreigner who has a current (i.e. not expired) foreign driver’s license may apply for a Chinese driver’s license after passing only the written test . No driving test required.

Does this include Taiwan licenses?

Maybe this post should be in the political forum.

According to info on Chinese forum, you can get a Chinese license by taking a paper exam, if you have a Taiwanese licence, taiwanese passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, and kind of Arc issued by Chinese police.


“Taiwan’s DDL can be exchanged if passing the written test, however, for large-sized vehicles, tractors, medium-size vehicles and large trucks needs to pass driving test.”

So if you are not a Taiwan national it’s impossible?

I will be naturalising soon but want to drive in China prior to that during an upcoming vacation.

According to the Chinese forum info, you need a Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents valid for more than 1 year.

Strange. Guess I’ll have to wait until I get the taibaozheng.