Converting Indian rupees?


I have 2390 Indian Rupees lying around (about NT$1194) with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Is there any way to convert it into NT$ in Taiwan? How about into HK$ in Hong Kong (where I’ll be in a few weeks’ time)?

Or is anyone in this forum in need of rupees, and is willing to trade at the official rate?


try one of the thousands of Indian restaurants popping up around Taipei, sure one of them folk would gladly help.


Hmm, good idea.


You’d almost definitely be able to convert it to HK$ at one of the booths in Hong Kong airport. Easier there than here, I’d think.

Or, following up on DD’s idea, maybe go to Trinity and see if you can buy stuff at whatever conversion rate.


Mega Bank.


Hong Kong Airport did the trick. Except they don’t change 10 or 20 rupee noTes. Too small. So I have 90 rupees left. About NT$45.

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If you still have those rupees then I would be willing to buy them off of you.


haha! I think after 4 years he would have gotten ride of them.


Well, ya never know. I’m still sitting on HK dollars and Vietnamese Dongs from years ago.


For some reason, this sentence conjured up a special image in my mind.


It does indeed. You had me laughing there for a while.