Cooking and Baking Items

Anyone have suggestions in and around Taipei for:

powdered sugar
shortning (bulk)
navy beans (or Great Northern)
corn meal (not the corn flour) (hushpuppy cravings)
molasses (cookies of course)
bulk vanilla flavoring
bulk maple flavoring
Kosher salt (with Sodium Nitrite) Morton’s TenderQuick (used for curing meat)

By the way, I stopped by one of those bulk grain places you see with all the sacks of rice, etc lining the walls and found chili (pinto) beans (really cheap) If you browse through, you may also find some other bulk items. I found broken cases of whole kernal corn at about 2/3 the price of the grocery markets. I also found extra virgin olive oil at about the same discount. Many other items too but you have to be snoopy.

Most of those would be available at the Mami Store in Shida (do a search for the address) and Jason’s in Taipei 101.


Thanks. I will try to find Mami. I have looked at Jason, Breeze, and the other large department groceries but can’t find those things. Maybe I just don;t recognize the Chinese. I’ll try again.
For those that are interested, I found sour cream in Banciao. Go across Kwangfu bridge from Taipei. This will put you on Jungshan road. Go straight untill you see the Carrefour sign. Turn left. You will immediately see Carrefour and a 7-11. Between the two is a small shop that carries sour cream in about a two litre container. It’s alot but it keeps well and it’s a good way to share with friends.
Thanks again