Cooking Chinese Food

Anyone else like cooking? Feel free to post your favorite dish here.

While I like lots of foods, one simple favorite of mine is chow fan. I’m curious though because a girl at work claims her father is a chef and he cooks it differently from how I do and his way doesn’t seem right. She tells me he puts the rice in first. I, on the other hand, feel the veggies, meat and eggs have to go first.

One reason I like chow fan is because one can chop everything up and stick it in a bowl first, so the cooking’s so fast and easy. After getting the oil really hot, I throw in onions first because they cook longest. Then I dump in all the chopped meat (often barbecued pork or sausage from the traditional market) or shrimp or scallops (Costco sells big frozen bags of them), and veggies including corn cut off the cob (can’t do chow fan without that). Throw in some water and a little cooking alcohol. Clear a spot to throw in eggs and scramble them. After they’ve cooked a bit, dump in the rice, stir it all up with a few shakes of soy sauce and vinegar. My gf insists that I smash it all down in the pan a few times during stirring, so I do that. And it’s always great. It also makes a great bien dang the next day. :smiley:

What do you like to cook?

Good post MT. I’m no cook, but i got taught that you should preheat the pan, then chuck in the oil then chuck in your garlic and ginger for about 5 seconds before throwing in the other stuff (to season the pan).


Chill the receptacle, then drop in two large chunks of fresh ice and a wedge of lemon. Layer generously with Bombay’s finest then fill with tonic. Ahhhh the pleasure of cooking. :sunglasses:

My ex husband taught me to make chow fan by soft scrambling the eggs first, taking them out and putting them aside. Then putting in the veggies, etc, and dumping in the rice, and soy sauce. After that put the eggs back in.

I don’t eat it often unless I have leftover rice, though.

I read somewhere: When an aspiring cook turned up on the doorstep of the Koo family of Lukang, who are perhaps Taiwan’s most aristocratic lineage (think Koo Chen-fu

Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep working on it in case my present situation doesn’t work out.