Cooking pizza in a small Taiwanese oven

I make my pizzas on a work station, then slide it onto a wooden peel for transfer to the oven. I use a round metal peel to rotate the pizza while it cooks and to retrieve it from the oven.

I don’t really have anything to add about what you put on your pizzas, or your sauce. I trust you know what you like.

I haven’t seen the dough recipe, but will check it out later. Should be simple. Flour, yeast, salt, water.

Happy eating.

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All you can eat pizza hut is 365 plus 10 percent. I can eat a lot of pizza there.

But cheese is expensive in taiwan

Yeah, it wouldn’t matter if it was half that. I’m still not going to Pizza Hut. It’s probably not great for your diet either. :upside_down_face:

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ok. I started watching the video about making the dough, but stopped after he said beer. :crazy_face:

I don’t mean pizza hut necessarily though. There’s other pizza places, like Alley Cat, and then there’s those guys with blue trucks that has a real pizza oven selling pizza for around 150 or so. I have no idea what their quality is.

But mostly I just don’t eat pizza all the time due to the fact that pizza toppings here are expensive as shit.

Ok, so to summarize, your take-home messages for the “cooking pizza in a small Taiwanese oven” thread are as follows:

  • Pizza Hut has an all-you-can-eat buffet for those seeking cheap, low-quality pizza.
  • There’s also Alleycat’s, which Google Maps is showing as “temporarily closed” with mediocre reviews anyway.
  • Some guys operate pizza ovens from the backs of blue trucks, but their quality is unknown.
  • Cheese and toppings are expensive.
  • You don’t eat pizza all the time.

Those things aren’t much helping me cook pizza in a small Taiwanese oven to be honest, but thank you for the insights. :whistle:


Get a real oven already.

I live in central Taipei. Kitchen ain’t big enough, and I’m not too interested in investing in large appliances for a rented apartment I’ll maybe be staying in another year or two.

Hence the thread, I suppose.

Those 30 something liter ovens will cook pizza. If that’s what you got it’s something you can work with.

Do you read before commenting? As I’ve said, I’m literally making pizza at the moment. In an oven. What do you think we’re talking about?

Yeah I was being tongue in cheek and trolling a bit. Good on you cooking up some pizza. Pizza used to be one of my favorite foods, or maybe just my most favorite food, before I got on the keto wagon.

Will read the rest of this thread now and get some tips so I can make some pizza for my kids next time.

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Another thing I would recommend is to start out using fewer toppings. It will make the pizza lighter and easier to transfer to the peel. And by toppings I would include sauce as well. Once you get used to moving it on and off of the peel, you can start adding more toppings and weight.

If you find it sticking to your work table when you are trying to slide it over, you can try lifting up the side just a little bit and blow under the pizza to make a slight air pocket. That will help unstick it. You’ll be a pro in no time. :slight_smile:


Yes, I think you make a good point. I do tend to make them a bit top-heavy for the thin base. :sweat_smile:

I bought a pizza stone last year, and it upped my game considerably, we eat pizza about once a week as a family dinner and its great.
toppings: the Costco prosciutto is very nice, and cheaper i think than the tapas platter. Personally i found the tapas slices render off too much fat and i didn’t like it.
my kids like tuna and onion as a topping, which tastes quite good, you should try if you like it.

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Yeah, I’m finding that too! I should have bought one earlier.

I haven’t tried the prosciutto, though I bought some of the Hungarian salami to try out (I’ll probably portion and freeze it, because the packs are way too big and I don’t use salami on anything besides pizza).

You’re right that the tapas platters, while convenient, aren’t very cheap for what you get. I mostly buy those for the chorizo and could pass on the other two things inside, so there’s probably a better way to go about this. I actually pull the fat off the serrano ham because I don’t really want it on the pizza, or sometimes put those pieces near the edges so they cook more.

I do want to make some more of my own toppings though. I’m not a big fan of onion, and I don’t remember that I’ve ever had tuna on a pizza. Maybe I could try it.

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my favorite topping is spinach and ham, i also recommend trying feta cheese and olives, mushrooms also make a good topping.
For chorizo : i bought a pack of Churchill’s Chorizo in carrefour, we had 2 sausages left the next day and i just sliced it by hand and used it as a topping with quite satisfying results.


Gave this a try today. And yesterday.
Not really happy with the results, didn’t come out like they do in my oven back home. The dough rose before hand but minimal rising in the oven, so I’m gonna have to chalk it up to the oven not being hot enough. Much disappoint.

It’s more than just not being hot enough, it’s also that the temperature control is crap in small ovens. So the dough won’t cook evenly.

Uploading: 20230919_172050_H

Tried it again on the bottom shelf of the oven. Huge improvement! It really crunched up, rose a bit better too. Its good to know I can have a somewhat decent version of a pizza out here.
I’ll probably try some costco mozzarella next time too, the ‘bag of pizza cheese’ is just so so.

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If you’re using a pizza steel/stone maybe it doesn’t matter as much, and I guess it depends where the element(s) are in your oven, but I think I get better results at the top personally. I do like the cheese to get a bit scorched though, and being near the top element should help in that respect.

That said, recently I tend to just put it in the middle, because it’s more convenient for loading the pizza onto the steel – there’s not much room in my oven to slide out the peel without making a mess if I put the steel too high.

(Don’t judge the mint here – that wisnae me, and I think it’s a weird combination too. :whistle:)

The Costco mozzarella admittedly isn’t the best but it’s what I usually use. Or mostly that plus a sprinkling of the Anchor “Three Mix Cheese” and/or parmesan for a bit more flavor (the mozzarella alone is quite bland). Recently I’ve also been adding some goat’s cheese instead of the Anchor one, which is nice as long as you don’t use too much of it (and it doesn’t melt very well either, so the pull isn’t ideal). The Anchor cheese alone isn’t great, IMO, and nor is the goat’s cheese alone.

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