Cool China Movies

Anyone seen any good movies in the Chinese languages or from China recently?
I saw this one a few weeks ago.
I enjoyed it, although I felt it got a bit slow after the woman was sent to prison.
Another one I really liked was Beijing Bicycle

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This is one of the best movies I have seen in my entire life. I watched it twice two days in a row and I will go see a third time in the theatre hopefully before it leaves Taiwan.

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Is this one in Taiwan now?

I just watched Ash is the Purest White.

Wouldn’t really consider it cool, more like depressing. Rural gangster life, in jail for boyfriend, lost boyfriend while in jail, father died while in jail, stolen wallet, together with handicapped boyfriend years later, boyfriend leaves again, ends up alone… fast forwarded through much of the ending.


Suzhou River looks interesting. I’ll check it out.
Yeah cool isn’t the best descriptor. Well I mean cool as in interesting I guess. That’s the best I cane come up with…
I enjoyed the first half but it got kinda slow after she left jail. However I enjoy the theme/aesthetic… I don’t know, it makes me reminisce on my trip to China and makes me want to visit again.

This kind of movie seems fairly common from China. I also watched Wild Swan Lake late last year I think it was, which has pretty similar themes (I liked the cinematography). And there’s another one by the same director I’ve been meaning to watch, Black Coal, Thin Ice.

I caught a glimpse of another one that looks interesting; Go Away Mr Tumour. Has anyone seen that?

Oh what I was meaning to ask about Ash is the Purest White - what the hell does the name mean? One of the characters says that phrase once and it didn’t make sense to me. I’m guessing it’s one of those 4 character idioms but I couldn’t find anything in the dictionary.

The Eight Hundred 八佰

Looks like an entertaining flick! I feel it might be a little corny with blockbuster war movie tropes.
I feel like that period is a good untapped source of storytelling I reckon. Back to 1942 was real good imo. Hell, the whole of modern Chinese history is pretty interesting, and has a lot of stories to tell. wonder if anything has been done on the long march? Having read this:
Couldn’t be made in China though, for obvious reasons.
Chiang Kai Shek deserves a biographical film, imo

I wouldn’t call it cool. It’s sad and depressing, but elevating at the same time. It’s like a Chinese version of Manchester by the Sea. Highly recommend it if you’ve got 3 hours to spend.