Cool Cycling Jerseys

All the shops I’ve been to in Taiwan only have extremely boring Giant jerseys or other such crap. None have bitchin’ designs such as these that are available online.

From REI:

From primalwear:

From Gizmo



I have one of those PrimalWear ones. Dog Eat Cog its called. I got it in the Mountain Hardwear shop in Gongguang.

i’ve only seen giant ones…
but you gotta love a cycling team who’s training regime revolves around the chili dog…

[quote=“sandman”]I have one of those PrimalWear ones. Dog Eat Cog its called. I got it in the Mountain Hardwear shop in Gongguang.[/quote]

Wow, great shirt. I guess I’m off to Gongguang. Where in Gongguang is that?

Oh, and welcome back.

Hi guys,

Why don’t you try getting them online or ebaying…

I want a BMC bike, but they are hard to get in taiwan unless I bring one over there myself from Australia, but it’s going to cost me a lot of money. Do you guys ride road bike or mountain bikes???

i want to keep myself active while I am in Taiwan, got to keep on pumping ions… woo hoo.

I’m a roadie here in Taiwan, but people say there’s lots of good mtn biking here.

Taiwan’s the world’s number 1 seller of bikes, so I’m surprised to hear you’re having trouble finding the bike you want. Keep looking.

I’d rather buy the jersey here than online because (a) I’m fatter than I used to be and want to make sure it’ll fit and (b) despite the myth of globalization, many places don’t ship internationally and/or to Taiwan (though I can always have it shipped to my parents and have them forward it if necessary, but I’d rather buy it in a shop with a good selection of nice jerseys and a dressing room to try them on).

I saw a couple of Taiwanese guys with the ACDC jersey in Hualien last week.

Alan’s store in Roosevelt Road just beyond Tai Da (NTU) sells primal wear. (might be the one that Sandman mentioned).

WTF is with those colors? Having a mid-life crisis MT? :wink:

What? I just need something to go with my shorts. :wink:

Thanks for hte tips sandman and urodocus. I’ll head down there next weekend.

The Mother of All eBikeshops. Frequent promotions. Nashbar, commonly owned with Performance, ships to the 'wan.

For the Cat in the Hat crowd…