Cool drinks on hot days

Sangria recipes, please.

I enjoy an assortment of blender-beverages on hot days, or simply vodka and apple juice if I can’t be bothered. But right now I crave sangria.

Anyone got a good recipe or three to share?

Easy…Orange juice, chopped apples, slices of orange and a forte wine that can stand up to such abuse. Mix it to how sweet you like it. if you’re having a date, mix in more OJ. I tend to like mine less sweet.

Hey man, while you’re at it, Google “tinto de verano”. It’s what they drink a bit further up north instead of sangría.

EDIT: Here’s a link for you.
And note:

There’s a link off that for a recipe in English.

Hmm, good call Irishstu. I drank so much patxaran that I’d forgotten about that stuff.

Since you have such amazing & cheap limes in Taiwan - go to the wet market and buy a basket of limes.

Then there are about a million options open to you.

Dark & Stormy: Dark Rum (like Meyers), gingerbeer and sugar syrup. Or how about tequila, lime juice and some sprite?

I fear tequila. Captain Morgan too.
And snakes… sharks.
Hmm… that’s all.
Mind, I don’t drink snakes, nor sharks.
But tequila is bad.

Gin? Vodka?

Vodka: Vodka, Lime juce, bitters, ginger beer

Southsider - think a Mohito with gin instead. Lime juice, sugar, gin and mint

Campari with OJ or pineapple juice. Layer it and it looks cool.

I don’t often drink tequila as I think it is on par with gasoline but, on the other hand, mix Preidente Tequila with damiana (Mex equivalent of galiano) and it is pretty good; especially after the first two.

Also Sambucca (the black variety) straight from the freezer.
Damn; now I made myself thirsty!

I also like hot apple juice with brandy in the winter. Try it in the summer on ice with a cinnamon stick. Tasty and refreshing.

I held you in high esteem until that.

I held you in high esteem until that.


How else do you think I’ve managed to be happily married for 12 years?

I held you in high esteem until that.


How else do you think I’ve managed to be happily married for 12 years?[/quote]

I guess you are right. Keep your date sober and your wife drunk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sangria? Well, I make it in 2 to 3L batches for thirsty salsa dancers, but here goes:

1.5L red wine: nothing fancy, but nothing that will peel the paint off the walls the next day.
1 can of Sprite or any other lemon soda.
About 300ml of citrus juice (orange,grapefruit, etc)
3 ounces of white rhum
2 sticks of cinamon
Sugar to taste (about 1/3 cup, more if you like it sweet)
Garnish each glass with a slice of lemon and orange.

You can also do white sangria, same as above, except for the wine (white) and I like a splash of mango juice rather than the citrus (about 150mls).

Sorry for not beeing more precise; the best sangrias are made to taste.
Play around with it and see what you like best. :wink: