Cool! I want one

You have to hand it to those Kiwis. They sure are smart. They’ve gone and built their own Stonehenge, except that it’s upside down and points the other way in keeping with their antipodean status.

Can we get one here? They’re cheap enough.

This is indeed cool.
And its wired for sound.
I’m thinking Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd whilst watching the celestials dance about.

How will they keep the hippies off it ? You don’t want guys like this climbing all over your rocks:

Couldn’t they have copied something good ? The original one is rubbish.

patchouli oil will impregnate the stones. This will leave a frgrant message for archeologists of the future.

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]How will they keep the hippies off it ? You don’t want guys like this climbing all over your rocks:

But this guy would be OK?

I don’t think they want to keep the hippies off it. They wouldn’t have built speakers into it if it wasn’t for people who know how to have a good time.

I think we need one in Taiwan. Maybe Rascal will lend us his new amplifier, and Tigerman will provide the music. We could call it The Grateful Henge gig. A whole new twist on ‘rock’ music.

Maybe we can build one? Stone-u-mosa! Any stoners in the house?

11,000 man hours = not much when divided between a lot of people over a year or two. And it only cost a million NT or so for the material.

Is that really Loretta and most importantly, is that really his hair? :bouncy:

We can totally build one of those, but I think we should add amps and a huge subwoofer to it…rock out in the center with a huge bon-fire and get drunk and play ping-pong!

The US has Carhenge.

I don’t get the relevance of ping pong. Frisbee I can see. Matchmakers would be cool. Strip poker even. But ping pong? :loco:

Dave’s Girl, until you stop being “Dave’s” you’re going to have to stop fantasising about having me whip you with my hair. I might wear the hat to the happy hour though.

Dave who? You have NO idea how badly I wish my name was Loretta’s girl after seeing that pic of yours. And it’s not the hair that I’m fantasizing. It’s the…:blush: er, ok, too much info.

To stay on-topic just so my post won’t get flounderd, nice body. No i mean nice topic.

I’ve long had this fantasy about having sex on the altar stone of stonehenge.

May I suggest We Go? I heard they’ve got all kinds of stuff there. They might just have a room of stonehenge for us. You never know. :sunglasses:

In a last desperate bid to avoid getting this thread floundered, let me say that I think something like this would be a great tourist attraction for Taiwan.

Especially if they had themed love hotels nearby.

Loretta, I have to admit, you are seriously odd. :slight_smile:

How the hell do you manage to hold down a job here? I’m not talking of forumosa, of course :smiley: