Cool Japanese TV show

Some of the stuff they come up with on this show is really imaginative. What’s the name of the program anyway? Anybody know?

I love that show, too. Very imaginative and impressive it is! :sunglasses:

I’m quite a fan of the show as well, but it can be a little tedious to watch as only about 1 in 10 of the performances is any good. The clip above is amazing. The idea is not orginal but it’s the best version I’ve seen by far.
Quite a few foriegners have been on the show too.

The Chinese name of the show is ‘chao1 ji2 (‘Super’) bian4 bian4 bian4’

It’s been on Japanese TV for over 15 years, 10 years here in Taiwan. Airs on cable in New York too.

Maoman has one on his site as well, Matrix Ping Pong, which is fantastic:

The ping pong one is even better than the basketball one, IMO, but they’re both excellent.

It’s funny how that special effect used in the Matrix is now a standard joke in movies. It was even used in Shrek.