Cool new Fuji CX disc steel

I just came across this bike. Looks nice. A chromo bike with disc brakes CX style with Sora components. NT 23,000 in Taipei.;_ylt=Ap9j4xvrA96LsorNJ4BtIuGpFLJ8?actsrch=srp3

Nice. I remember reading that the development guy behind those retro-looking Masi bikes works for Fuji now. Looks like he’s been busy.

If I was looking for a bike to commute on, seems like this might be hard to beat for the price and durability promised by the frame at least. Shame about the high top tube, IMHO. I wonder if it has clearance for mudguards. Does he ship to the UK?

I saw one of these in person the other day. It was OK. Kinda heavy, but probably not worth having it shipped to the UK from Taiwan, to be honest. Looks like it’s got clearance for mudgaurds, from what I remember.

11.7 kg!!!

Holy crap, that’d better be a damn strong piece of engineering for that weight. NOT a climbing bike, nor a CX really. Flat commuting, maybe.