Cool ! Poagao in DPP TV ad!

The Chen Shui-bian campaign has a new ad (seen on TVBS around 5 pm)which startled me:
the star of the ad is the foreigner, or I should say, “former foreigner” who took on local nationality and did his military service here, I forgot his name.
The ad shows him living like any Taiwanese citizen - riding a motorcycle - and ends with the words “Wa shi Taiwanlang” - Taiwanese for “I am Taiwanese.”
I bet most people still call him “meiguoren” though.

Cool ! Poagao in DPP TV ad! Watching TV and assume it was him. Way to go!

Poagao in a DPP campaign ad – or a campaign ad for anyone? :laughing: I don’t think it’s a safe assumption.

White = American

Everyone knows that!

Of course, I could be wrong.

Looks like Poagao was not told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the purpose of his interview.

That’s the first political commercial I’ve ever seen that actually shows a man’s testicles dangling! :astonished: Cool! :sunglasses: :laughing:

Look for it, you’ll see it… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hey Poagao, are those your boys? :astonished: :howyoudoin: )

So, Poagoa, what do you have to say for yourself? You’re the only white guy who’s ever been in the Taiwanese military…

Cant be Poagao… he aint the DPP’s biggest fan…

I don’t know if that’s true; I’m the only one I know of, but there could have been others.

As for the ad, yes, that’s me. I was under the impression that it wouldn’t be such a directly political thing, which was stupid of me to believe. I like the spot up until the big “Vote for Chen/Lu” logo comes up. It’s like Fred Smith doing a spot to promote France or Alien pushing G.W. Bush.

Btw the DPP took out all the army-related shots originally in the script because they are afraid of it being used against them. I told them they should put them back in, and take out the political logo to be replaced with the original theme of “Believe in yourself, believe in Taiwan” (rough translation).

Wow, to think that you hate Chen as much as Alien hates Bush is something that still puzzles me… ah well, each to their own! Are there any worthy independents you like Poagao?

So what did they tell you it was for ? They didn’t tell you it was going to be an election ad ?
Strange the DPP let you speak Mandarin though…

[quote=“Maoman”]That’s the first political commercial I’ve ever seen that actually shows a man’s testicles dangling! :astonished: Cool! :sunglasses: :laughing: [/quote]The ad for the other side has a pair of nobs in it.

You should sue!

Well, maybe not that much…I don’t hate Chen so much as wonder why everyone likes him so much, especially after seeing him in “action” for a full term. I’m pretty sure that the reason people don’t seem to be as excited about this election as the last one is that they know now that it’s just trying to pick the least lame candidate, aka “bi lan” (比爛), and the differences aren’t as great as they once imagined.

Oh, and lawsuits are so last month. Besides, I should have known better. Originally the DPP gave the production company total freedom, no political references, just a “spirit” kind of thing, but later the DPP people changed their minds and demanded a more political version, something neither I nor the production company are too happy about.

This is just the first step to my own future political campaign: “Vote for Poagao: He has balls! See?” (no, the ones in the ad aren’t mine. Mine hang the other way).

Actually, isn’t Alien a little overdue to accuse Maoman of homosexual tendencies? Maybe my watch is fast…

Ok, glad you cleared that up Poagao - thanks.

PS: The new pix on your website are brilliant.

Good stuff, Poagao! I saw it in the gym this morning and nearly fell off my treadmill with surprise. I’m glad you’ve seen the light at last and decided to throw in your lot with the good guys. :laughing:

BTW, this ad and the other examples of foreigners featuring in the pan-green election campaign are pretty convincing proof that the DPP (if not its ally) is no longer the xenophobic entity that I used to suspect and that many on these forums have accused it of being. They seem to be well and truly recognizing us as a part of Taiwan’s multi-ethnic mosaic that deserves to be accepted as belonging here and have a voice alongside the Hoklo, Hakka, aboriginal and mainlander inhabitants of this fair isle. Can you imagine the other side ever even beginning to think likewise?

How did they persuade Edward Norton to take part ?

I noticed the Lian/Song campaign has brought up the Hanyu/tongyong pinyin issue in one of its TV ads. It’s the one with the hip-hop crew.