Cool stuff between north Tainan and Taichung?

I’m thinking about a trip between north Tainan and Taichung during the four-day weekend, with a night in Taichung and a night in Tainan. Is there any new/interesting stuff between Tainan, Jiayi, Yunlin and Taichung? Anything weird?

I’ll be avoiding Nantou because a) the traffic on that highway during four-day weekends is crazy, and b) I was there recently.

There is a haunted house in Yunlin…

Where? Big enough to be worth driving to?

Sorry, I meant Chiayi… Minxiong Township

Have not been there myself. Here is a Chinese blog post.

It’s basically a ruin of a Japanese-era building, plus there is a ghost house themed cafe nearby it seems.

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Oh, when’s the four-day weekend? (Just in case I need to plan things to avoid doing them at the same time as others haha)



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Lot of weird stuff in southwestern Taiwan. Just wait for the guys living down their to chime in. I am not that familiar with the area unfortunately.

Sounds interesting :joy:

Do you have kids? There are a few petting zoo/recreational farm type places in Chiayi or Changhua that are fun with smaller kids.

He hounted house isnt that amazing. If you like cool Ficus trees, go to Anping on the coast of tainan, that place is pretty cool! Can hit up the salt making flats if interested.

I like going to Tienwei, its the biggest hub of horticulture in taiwan and has a huge variety of plants, some exceptionally beautiful. Areally cool bougnevalia topiary nursery. You can rent those touristy 4 people bikes and piss off the cars as you go around haha.

The old street in Lukeng is pretty popular. Its interesting to go once. But its basically a single road between the old houses lined with vendors.

古坑綠色隧道公園 (Gukeng Green Tunnel Park)

and Gu-Keng town itself for local coffee (many choices, not sure good or bad one though)

Haven’t been there in ages. Thanks for the suggestion.

I am not entirely familiar with the part of Taiwan you are hoping to visit, but the always excellent @StevenCrook makes a persuasive case for the small city of Douliu in his column in today’s Taipei Times. It’s a very nice read.