Cool things in Taiwan

What are some cool things in Taiwan?
For me it’s a Chinese breakfast joint a 5 minute walk from me that is open from the evening until the next morning

The weather right now.

Like you said, breakfast shop, mines 45 second walk, full breakfast for 60-90 depending on what you get! Also being able to go to any convenience store, be it 7-11, family or hiliife and getting a 5 course meal! Or taking a taxi almost anywhere for so cheap, was back in Australia for a week at the start of the month, it cost me $5.50 au just to get in, and additional $11 to reach a place about 2 km away. Here are the 85 to get in its like it doesn’t even move for the first 5 minutes, which is how long the ride in Aus took


Driving, back home I could never speed like I can here.

Just got a ticket for 900, in Northern Europe I would have had to add multiple zeros to that

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Right now the weather, really cool!

As if you care how many zeroes (zeros) they add!:wink:

Doesn’t quite make up for the lack of chicken chips, but these new Lays ™ deep ridged cheesy bacon ones are pretty good

Some of my friends really love the Rich Cut brand of chips. Something you might try.

Small Alleys. Temples. Sashimi and Beer. Charming smart women. The whole east coast.

Almost everything I need is within five to ten minutes walk from my apartment. Food, doctor, library, grocery, hair salon, nail salon, shopping, movie theater, stationery store, spa…and just about everything else I need is within 10-20 minutes ride on the bus.

Speaking of hair salons, love being able to get my hair washed and styled for so cheap.

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Struggling up all the steps on the four beasts trail, I passed an old guy with one leg, doing it with crutches. That guy should have arms the size of Sylvester Stallone’s

Racing in traffic, no way you could speed, split lanes and in general drive like a maniac as you can here.

Bike riding in the mountains. Absolutely world class.

Much easier to find vegetarian restaurants in Taiwan compared to the ol country.

The all night breakfast is getting kinda old it’s a bit expensive and all seems cheap and excessively oily
However, previously I had to walk a good 2.5 blocks to the nearest 7/11, but I just saw they are building one just around the corner from me. Fully sick.

Found 500 by bucks on the ground and didn’t get forced into a ghost marriage

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In Taipei, everything I like is within MRT distance :wink: Mountains and ocean. What else is there you would need? :slight_smile:

nice beaches?