Cooler light bulbs

Anisll wants to find a cooler light bulb for her desk reading lamp; she has a 60-watt in now, and it’s just too hot. In the US they have light bulbs especially designed to run cooler. Has anyone seen those here?

RT Mart has them. I just got one the other day. Its like 8 watts or something, but the light emission is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent.

Thanks, mate. I’ll stop by!

Make sure you choose the right colour – they have “normal” ones that are blue like regular fluros, but there are also “yellow” ones that are much warmer. The boxes are almost identical.

Oops. Hers takes a screw-in incandescent. Are we talking past each other? Or are you talking a cork-screw fluor. to replace the incandescent?

Yes, its a corkscrew-type fluoro with a screw-in base. I got mine for the same reason – a narrow wood-and-bamboo lamp that got dangerously hot with a normal incandescent.