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Hi, I was browsing coolpc and their products and i came across 2 variants of cpu. one that says ryzen 3 1200 flat loose: $3200 and ryzen 3 1200 proxy: $3500. I was wondering what is the difference?

Does it actually say that or are you using Google translate? At a guess one is the boxed version.

yeah using google translate here is the untranslated image of it Untitled

Basically the first 平輸, I’m not sure exactly the translation but basically it means that in case of RMA, the product must be sent back to the manfuacturer. In this case AMD. This RMA can take some time, usually anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Typically with graphics cards and motherboards, they will try to first fix the problem and send you back the same product, instead of quickly sending you a new one.

The second 代理 short for 代理商 means agent. Basically the goods are sold through an agent who puts a big sticker on the box. In case of RMA you can send it back to the agent in Taiwan, and they will typically send you a replacement within 2-7days, assuming they have stock and agree that the product is covered under warranty.

I sometimes buy and sell second hand pc parts, and quite a few people ask whether the product has agent coverage, even so far as to ask which agent is responsible for the product. Some agents offer faster service than others apparently.

In the image you pasted you can see they wrote 360天換新, basically means that if you have a problem within 360 days of purchase, they will replace the product with a new one, I’m guessing this is the agent but could also be coolpc. The warranty for both products is the same length, 3 years from date of purchase.

CPUs are probably one of the least likely to break of all pc components so I would recommend the cheaper one, but before you buy just double check the length of warranty is from purchase date, I know for some products they use date of manfuacture (if you have no receipt for example).

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has anyone bought recetly with coolpc? am going for the holidays in taiwan so might drop by to buy some parts. do they accept credit card? if yes, how much is the interest? thanks

I think they do accept credit, but the price is usually a percentage higher. I think it’s somewhere around 1-5% and on top of the fee you’re paying for overseas transactions (for most cards), it might be more worth it to buy with cash.

Also, some parts like MOBO, CPU, some peripherals and cases, you can haggle a few hundred NT. They have a lowest price in the system in which they are allowed to sell at. However, don’t try haggling any kind of memory. That shiz fluctuates often, so you won’t get anything out of them.

My son did bought just 2weeks ago and he pay via bank transfer (i’m with him as his only 18)
As I remember he made transfer and paid NTD41,200