my boss has been in contact with a professor in China who publishes a bio-technology/legal journal and is looking for copy-editors because those in the UK are too expensive and in China are not good enough.

sensing the business opportunity i have been recommended to “help out” this guy. Despite being qualified in those specialised fields however, I am not an experienced copy-ediitor.

therefore if anyone knows the following for Taiwan or China it would be a great help

  1. reasonable charge per hour or word set
  2. reasonable turnaround time

I think the UK is 200 quid a day (10-12,000nt), when asked to do journal editing in my current job it normally takes me around an hour per 1000 words (to pick out every minute grammatical detail, and apply style changes when necessary) so I would guess answers would be

  1. 600nt an hour or per 1000 words
  2. A week for 10,000 words, longer for more? (just to give me time since I am working full time, have a private student and am studying my masters degree… and not forgetting learning chinese…)