Copy right violation?

I have a copyright legal question that I need to get a quick answer on please.

I took some scans of old comics from the 50

Most copyright laws have provisions for “fair use” of copyrighted material. Taiwan’s copyright law also has such provisions. The provision most relevant to your situation is as follows:

Article 46 is limited by Article 44, which states:

Thus, applying the limitation of Article 44 to Article 46, the following is basically the relevant law in Taiwan:

[color=red]Within a reasonable scope, and where necessary for the purpose of teaching in schools, all levels of legally established schools and their teachers may reproduce the works of another person which have already been publicly released; provided, this shall not apply where such reproduction would prejudice the interests of the economic rights holder due to the type and use of the work and the volume and method of reproduction.[/color]

So, the questions are, 1) is your use of the material “reasonable” and 2) is your use prejudicial to the interests of the economic rights holder?

IMO, the answer to question 1) is “YES”… * you are not copying the entire comic book… and the answer to question 2) is “NO”… the volume of copying that you are doing is miniscule… difficult to imagine how your acts would prejudice the economic interests of obscure 50 year old material.

I’d say that your use of the copyrighted material is permitted as a “fair use” of the same.

I’m not a Taiwan attorney… but, I’d be willing to bet that I am correct.

Wow!! Thanks
You just saved a very nice woman from getting yelled at by an over zealous legal clerk.