Copyright/trademark infringement ok to do in Taiwan?

I noticed a coffee shop with the same circle and star logo as starbucks only it was brown and white with a different name

if you did this in usa you would be sued for a logo to similar even if its not exactly the same

I noticed a store Forever 26 with the same characters as Forever 21 same logo but minus the 1 and put in place the 6

so my question this flys in Taiwan? or companies dont care if you do it in Taiwan? or trademark laws dont apply internationally?

if thats the case then id like to start a fast food joint with a logo similar to a chain store from my hometown changing ofcoarse some things

It’s pretty clear that you can get a lot closer to designs, colour schemes and names here than you would in many of our countries of origin. It seems to have tightened up somewhat recently. I’m guessing tighter IP protection is part of the government’s strategy to attract foreign investment. Although, in some smaller areas it may be still possible to shop at 11-7, send your kids to “Disney” kindergartens or eat KLG chicken.

What you can “get away with” is entirely dictated by how aggressive the mark owner is in actively pursuing you.
The cops ain’t riding around on scooters taking pictures of Guees? jeans and Louis Vittob bags (the latter I made up, the former is real), you know, trademark infringement ain’t a felony.
If the owner doesn’t run down the perpetrator, nothing happens.
Of course, that costs $ and time, AND if it does go to trial, the owner has to prove that A. customers and potential customers believed the knockoff product or service was the real one and 2. that he lost revenue as a result.
In the cases you’re talking about, it’s rather dicey as to whether those would be provable, or even factual.
It’s a whole nother deal from actual “pirating” where inauthentic goods and services are being marketed under the exact mark of the owner.
In most cases, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble.
As far as back home goes, think about it for a minute, if you were trying to do business providing goods or services, why would you go to the trouble of establishing a brand that was clearly a ripoff of an existing name, would that give you the kind of credibility you’d want?

i just liked the name of the food place from back home because its catchy and marketable and the logos cool

i bet 99.9% of Taiwanese have never heard of the real food place from my home town

and im 99.9% sure the owner from the place in my home town will never be visiting Taiwan

im not tryin to fake a product just trying to use a similarly catchy marketable name to get lots of customers

also im not talkin bout a big chain like mcdonalds or taco bell im talking about a one town chain of 5 stores in usa

that most people never heard of

This was one of the things I found most amusing about living in South Korea - all these middle-aged snobby women swanning around with their fake Versache bags and Kalbin Cline T-shirts. Most of them had absolutely no idea that what they had wasn’t the real thing, and they thought they were impressing people. Of course, I suppose they were impressing each other.

I saw a t-shirt in a big store yesterday with a big logo on the chest that said “ISTARBUCKS COFFEE” with a big dark green tractor looking thing in the center (no, not John Deer).
I’ve seen KKK chicken, Kentucky Chicken, Burger Queen, Postale-Aerop hoody, and too many others to recall. And of course Disney, Looney Toons, and Hello Kitty EVERYWHERE!