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Taipei Times had a very interesting story today about an expat saxophone star , ex, who now runs a pub in Taipei. The article didn’t mention exactly, but is Corbett Wall part Japanese or part-Taiwanese? And the article concludes with this interesting anecdote but doesn’t say what the INCIDENT that made him walk away was? Does anyone know?

The album didn’t win, but [he] took the opportunity to work on the other side of the microphone. Instead of performing he got involved in the business side of the industry and for the next two years traveled the world living the highlife. An incident on one of those trips changed Wall’s outlook on the music business forever and made him pine for the days when he could simply enjoy playing the saxophone.

{He] walked away from the industry after 13 years and 10 albums …

Did anybody read this article? It was very good!

I do, but I’m not telling. It’s no big deal, except for the most inveterate of gossip-mongers, but since he didn’t wish it to be included in the article, we can reasonably assume he wouldn’t wish it plastered over Forumosa. And that includes PMs, Cola, so save your typing fingers.
If you REALLY want to know, I suggest you go up to the Living Room some night and ask him yourself. He’s very approachable but he doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Good find Cola. Good story. :slight_smile:

Excellent article.

And I agree with Sandman. Corbett’s a great guy. He probably doesn’t have a clue who I am, but the times I’ve met him, he’s been a very genuine, humble and friendly guy.

I do, but I’m not telling. It’s no big deal, …, .[/quote]

I can respect his desire to keep that story to himself. if it’s no big deal, no big deal.