core & corner: Any complaints lately?

I saw a job posting for Core & Corner. I was interested, but I saw some pretty bad reviews from the past few years. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences lately?

I just did a quick search. Man, that’s a lot of nasty posts over the years, even without counting the deleted ones! :2cents:

Core & Corner definitely had a couple complaints,but I just wanted to give them a fair chance and see if those were anomalies or if the school is just consistently shady.

To be honest, most cram schools are shady. It is only a matter of degree. Foreigners are especially easy to cheat.

most cram schools are shady

I’m with you on that one. :+1:

Ask yourself this… do you really want to settle for a job you’ll hate in 3 months? If it’s got a slew of negative reviews, I’d keep looking.

The school has been open for maybe ten years. The negative reviews could be a fluke, or they could be indicative of consistently bad management. It’s a little hard to tell.

That’s why I wanted to see if there were any other comments.



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pay is super low. 350NT for non teaching time aka “curriculum development”

I worked for them for four months last year. (2017)

I wanted to leave in order to take up another job offer; however, they refused to let me go. They made the usual threats of fines (Hopelessly unrealistic!) and legal action.

After about 30 minutes in a somewhat acrimonious discussion, it was clear that the woman I was talking to really had no idea what she was doing and just kept making threats.

I went to the Labor Department and got the matter sorted out. It involved going to the post office, making an official notice advising C and C of my last day of work and having it sent to them.

C and C got 30 days notice and I have been woring for a new school since January.

With C and C, you are working ‘freelance’ insofar as the school will provide you with suitable students. The catch is that it takes perhaps 3~4 months to build up a decent number of students. This is not too bad if you have other work, but not so good if it’s your only job.

The other catch is that students are sometimes busy and will cancel classes. There is other work you can do, but the rate is pitiful and often not worth it.

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This is a late reply, but I want to get it out there… You will be micro managed by the 6 entry- levels who have been given the POWER to oversee and buffer from anybody higher. There are zero resources, you must prepare (unpaid and based on what was promised to the student) all teaching materials, enter a report and upload said materials after every class, and have students yanked at any moment. If you have another day job, and a library of lessons at your disposal, then it would be OK, if not, I would look elsewhere; I am!

Is the missing consonant an h or a k?


usually its the same difference :laughing: