Coriander seed

Anyone know where I can get coriander seed?

I got some on Huaxin Street (little burma) in chungho. dried for cooking that is.

City Super or Jasons afaik, can’t remember which one I got it in, but it’s not expensive, NT$50 or less.

Thanks. Any idea what their telephone number is? I’m not in Taipei.

No idea. There are a couple of small shops, and at least one stall in the market there, specializing in se asian foods. Why did you want the phone number?

[quote=“MustangSammy”]Anyone know where I can get coriander seed?[/quote]Whereabouts are you? Xinnong supermarkets in Taichung sometimes used to have little jars of coriander seed. I think Geant and Carrefour might have it sometimes too.

I want a number so that I can call them and ask them if they can deliver. I live in the Hsinchu area.