Coronavirus - America (November 2020)

America’s 250,000 covid deaths: People die, but little changes

From the start of the pandemic, public health officials and many political leaders hoped that covid’s frightening lethality — the death toll will hit 250,000 this week — might unite the country in common cause against the virus’s spread.

But the nation’s deep divisions — political and cultural — as well as the virus’s concentrated impact on crowded urban areas in the early months, set the country on a different path.

Now, more than eight months into a pandemic that shows no sign of abating, it has become clear that although close experiences with covid-19 do change some people’s attitudes, many Americans stick to their original notions, no matter what sorrows they’ve seen, no matter where they live.

And a personal favorite:

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Hopefully (most) Americans will act responsibly.

How government responds actually matters

And it is happening again as my pal reports from up north…

Toilet paper aisle yo.

And some idjet on FOX suggested we name the vaccine a ‘Trump’, did you get your ‘Trump’ already? To honor him? Really?

I’d rather take a single dose of JFK than a two-shot series of Trump.

How else do you get covidiots to take a vaccine? Name it after their dear leader.


They should call it Freedom

Freedom shots!

This naming could also bring aboard Second Amendment enthusiasts too.


They could call the virus “Trump” and the vaccine “Biden”.
“I was infected with Trump, but thank God I was vaccinated with Biden.”

Seems to be the same around here (Seattle) since Gov. Inslee reinforced covid prevention measures last Tuesday.

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