Coronavirus: Biden needs to put a stop to the CDC mismanagement

Doctors in North Carolina conspire on how to scare people into getting vaccinated with Covid misinformation:


It’s not reflected in the article, but the company’s response is pure double speak. They wanted to put out the false numbers to more accurately convey the information. The currently accurate information is not enough to counter current misinformation (not to be confused with the misinformation they proposed to produce).

They did precisely the same thing in the UK at the start of 2020, except that they hired psychology professionals crafting the misinformation for maximum impact.

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Many of those whom are pro-Covid seem to think there’s zero profit motive involved in this ‘pandemic.’ The US health care system in particular is exteremely-profit oriented. They need people to be ill in order to run their business model successfully. It’s also not that difficult to comprehend that people running these hospitals have vested interests in encouraging or even manufacturing health ‘disasters.’ These guys aren’t saints, by any stretch. That they want to fudge numbers to widen their client base, or maximise returns, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

To Quote the 1990’s.

“No duh”

But on the flip side the ones denying there is a virus are pretty much equally as blind and brainwashed. Mental illness is never a good thing, regardless of political affiliation.