Coronavirus - China

It’s terrible, I have a few friends there locked in their apartments. It’s like some sort of dystopian novel. It’ll be interesting to see how this event shapes Shanghai in the future.


It’ll be more homogeneous.

I saw a few of his videos and he’s actually kinda funny lol.

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Will the WHO demand this from the countries that sign up with their International Health Regulations?

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Do you think the WHO will?

That is not the full video. They also test dogs, cats, birds… :eek: :noway:

*Cue groveling apology in 3… 2 … 1


More importantly though, blaming the WHO is a red herring. The only reason we keep hearing about the IHR is because some Aussie bureaucrat cited it as an excuse. We had to shut down the country because the WHO forced us to! :innocent: Suddenly the interwebs exploded. Meanwhile 99% of the non-closed countries in the world are also signatories but don’t have bureaucrats testifying that the IHR requires any such thing. :cactus:

Please correct me if I’m wrong, folks.

At 5min30sec mark, Door gets busted in like it’s the Shining, and a man in PPE pops in.



I wonder if anyone has the stats on even a ballpark figure of how many foreigners have left Shanghai since the Great Lockdown? Intentional or not, it seems that this situation - and now it looks like it will repeat itself in Beijing? - has led to a self-led purge of all foreigners who don’t have deep roots (or aren’t foreign gov employees) in Shanghai.

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The Shanghai government would have a pretty good idea but wouldn’t share the numbers publicly