Coronavirus Crisis Open Thread - April

Well semantically and technically I suppose you are correct, though your quote is rather oddly chosen, (since it directly contradicts what you are saying), and, as you hint, the WMD label has been degraded by propaganda use.

The MD bit I assume isn’t a point of issue, so its the W bit that’s arguable.

If you pick up a rock and chuck it at someone it becomes a weapon, though it wasn’t designed as such.

Lets call it a TWT (Tactical Weapon Trouve)

If you pick up a natural infection and allow its spread internationally, while implementing stringent control at home, it becomes a weapon in the same way.

Hence WMD.

Or SWT (Strategic Weapon Trouve)

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Other netizens allegedly posted images of Ming Dynasty leader Zheng Chenggong, who defeated the Dutch in Taiwan, and wrote: “Although he was from the Ming dynasty, many of his descendants are still here, just across the Taiwan Straits.”

Yep, just waiting for you assholes.

Full circle? (the relevent punch line is at the end, at about 3 mins).

The clip title is “Nutters” but fear not, President Trumps policy advisors are not featured.

Is this some strange Scottish word? :thinking:

From the article:

The report also claimed that Chinese netizens are also demanding a boycott of Dutch products and canceling their travel plans to the Netherlands.

The Dutch:


Yeah heaps of mass tourism happening right now.

What idiots.


Yeah I love those Chinese red wine headaches :stuck_out_tongue:

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I suspect all the countries who took loans from China for the belt and road project are about to find out when they can’t pay back their debt.

Loans for the belt and road project in billions. Most of them are to high risk countries that certainly will struggle as the global economy takes a hit.

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Is it the origin of trouser press?

Dunno, I’d think trouser press would be the origin of trouser press, but if you were to press a trouser press into service, unmodified, as a weapon, I suppose it could be made to fit the context, and then you wouldn’t be talking crap.

Which would be nice.

Was a rif on objet trouve. Look it up if you need to and arn’t just taking the piss (press?). Should have an acute accent at the end, but as a loan phrase adopted into English I think its probably legit to skip it, and anyway I couldn’t be arsed.

After all, most of the readership are Americans, FFS.

You seem to have some kind of chip on your shoulder about Americans. What’s the deal with that?

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Yes, we will see how China debt-trap diplomacy works.

Its one of those Global Phenomenon Deals. There’s a lot of it about.

I figured it was something personal as it seems to go beyond the usual “dour Scot” schtick. Are you sure an American didn’t steal your girl or something?

Actually come to think on’t a Dour Scot stole my girl.

Perhaps I’m retrospectively trying to out-dour them. That’d be depressing.

Hmm, you may be onto something there.


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