Coronavirus Crisis Open Thread May-September

Apologies if this has been posted previously, but WTF. BBC should be ashamed of themselves for not recognizing the great work Taiwan’s government has done.


And where are you from?

Actually never met the guy, but I believe he was Irish-Scottish, and therefore probably perfectly charming.

He must have been to out-charm ME, right?

But why pick at an old sore when you can pirouette back on topic and pick a fight?

So in answer to your earlier question, I’d say that, apart from the usual overpaid, oversexed and over-exposed envies, my principle peeve with Americans is that they ask dumb questions like “Is trouve a weird Scottish word?”

This might seem like a perfectly proper pop at pretension (Moi?) and push for plain-speaking, but it goes WAY beyond that to produce a dumbing-down of public discourse.

This is why you don’t get Angela’s Analysis, which Obama could probably have managed fine.

You get…what you got…

…and that’s BAD, man.

REALLY, really bad.

Almost worse from my perspective, we now get it too, with New Improved British Buffoonery.

Blair wasn’t a buffoon, but he got us into a stupid and pointless War About Nothing (See the WMD connection?) because he felt we had to Back the Yanks, Right or Wrong (Mostly both, as it happens ).

The British (and certainly the Scottish) didn’t support that, because in those days they used to read stuff. These days, fuck knows what they are thinking, if anything.

So we have a situation going into the worst crisis certainly since Cuba and maybe since WW2 when The Leaders of The Free World appear to be entirely out to lunch, the Sauron and Saruman of Stupid.

If they aren’t faking it, we appear to be screwed.

(OK, giving The Yook a historical special-relationship boost there which exaggerates its contemporay importance. Apologies to Saruman.)

Striesand’s “Who is this Clown” rif on “Send in The Clowns” asks “If he were running the Free World, where would we move?”

I’d suggest the answer might be “Don’t bother, We’re here”

But being on The ROC might not save us.

Apparently facebook introduced these two reaction emotes for the corona virus thing. How come my Taiwanese friends can use them but I can’t? What is this nonsense?
The hug one is cute, we should have it here in forumosa.


Oh, armed Trump Cult gunmen entered the Michigan State Capitol building this afternoon, rumors that one used the butt of a gun to bash a reporter’s head. Just another day for them. #美國文化革命 #AmericanCulturalRevolution

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A you can download the sticker pack.

Edit: I didn’t read you post carefully enough. Yeah, no reaction emojis here either. What phone are you using? Maybe it’s not available on iphone in TW yet?

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It’s just missing one:

But maybe not suitable because of the social distancing and all… :upside_down_face:

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Shanon Banner, a state police spokeswoman, estimated there were 400 to 700 protesters and said they were “peaceful” overall. People who did not wear masks or distance themselves were not issued tickets. One demonstrator was arrested for assaulting another protester.


These are terrorists.


He’s supposed to be wearing a mask in public.

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Funny I almost typed that as well. I thought whatever homey has strapped to his chest was terroristy looking enough though

Does that patch on his vest say “Do You Even Beard”?
I’m guessing that blue thing over left chest leads to a water packet filled with Bud Light.

Colostomy bag. Them preppers got their shit together.

Think we should let them know.


Evil dictatorship propaganda= but well done evil dictatorship propaganda


With the emergency declaration set to conclude at the end of Golden Week holidays, there remain worrying signs that Japan’s low testing regime has undercounted many coronavirus cases.

At the same time, data showing consumer confidence at a record low along with slumps in factory output and retail sales illustrated the economic damage from the virus.

Health authorities say they follow World Health Organization guidelines on testing, and that an expansion of testing could flood already overwhelmed hospitals with mild cases.

Japan has rolled out more than 100 trillion yen to soften the economic blow from the coronavirus pandemic.

Honestly, it feels WHO is on the side of the virus.

Let´s see what Abe says today. :sob:

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Define "Terrorist? then I can decide if I agree or disagree.

Well they don’t have many friends these days :mask:

On the one hand, that’s funny, on the other hand, it’s false. Half. You can’t blame the whole country for the actions of one man. But a lot of the information they reported was false, sooooo…

This is inane and embarrassing: