Coronavirus Crisis Open Thread May-September

I think some people just are going to think keeping as many people from dying as the most humane solution no matter the number. Which is a legitimate argument.

But I think you and I are perhaps more accepting of the reality that some people are going to die today just like the day before. We prevent it as best we can like requiring seat belts to be worn, but we let people decide how they want to live/risk their lives every time they walk out the house in terms of risk/reward.


The issue is Taiwan managed to avoid massive casualties. Many other places have. I still believe avoiding the tiger is best, followed by protecting from the tiger. Many governments have decided portions of their population are expendable and that is what I am against. I cannot accept that as inevitable.

And hence we agree to disagree.

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The issue for me is that it was sheer stupidity that the US and some other places did not avoid mass casualties. That I can never accept. Others, it seems, are more able to accept this: “It is what it is.” (I talk in the past tense, but it is ongoing. The sheer stupidity, that is.)


What’s your comment on this stuff (seriously stop posting so much stuff without any comments ) and can you post anything without a conspiracy angle…Just…For…Once…!
The ignore button is dangling mighty close. Only R man has gotten to me that bad before .:sunglasses:
Having to wade through this in the main coronavirus thread…Wasting my time even opening it…This is NOT IP.


Conspiracy angle? I remember people here questioned the WHO. That could be looked upon as conspiracy? Official crap from some governments has been shown to be lies or twisted (you test +ve for C19, die from a car crash a month later and you are listed as a C19 death) [to suit an agenda].
I have posting information that is out there that questions the narrative. You and others would like to keep is an echo chamber that does not question. You’re welcome to it.

WHO is complete incompetence. I don’t think they are smart enough to be part of a conspiracy. They might unknowingly be.

Try making sense of this:

You are just spamming this thread with conspiracy and highly politicised nonsense soundbites 80% to 90% of the time, a complete turnoff,if I want to see that I go to Fox News ,IP forum or some shite Facebook echo chamber for my coronavirus info.

No you are NOT enlightened NO we are NOT sheep. Sick and tired of the conspiracy nuts getting their hands into every little thing associated with coronavirus.

Why don’t you post that Trump says he has the vaccines already? Has he invested in some companies secretly and been working in the lab late at night …You should look into it !

Picking and choosing your conspiracies mate :joy::joy::joy:
You HAVE the knowledge WE are the sheeple.
Baa baa :joy::joy::joy:


You mean brain flaw?

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They are naturally social distanced.

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Meh. There’s been a lot of this sort of thing floating around, but even if it’s true, nobody will ever know. I don’t see how you can distinguish a man-made virus from a ‘natural’ one, unless you intentionally included a marker sequence in its RNA. @Brianjones ?

I seriously doubt China did this intentionally, simply because bioweapons of all types are incredibly unpredictable. Many countries tried and failed to solve the formidable problems associated with targeting your enemy while avoiding collateral damage or harming your own population. AFAIK everyone gave up on them decades ago, primarily for that reason.

OTOH, it looks to me that China played their hand masterfully, leveraging a fluke event to yield large dividends.


The idea that a lab in China accidentally created covid19 isn’t far fetched but plausible. A leading vaccine researcher in Flinders Uni has stated as much . I also explained how I thought it had happened early on and the Prof has the same line of thought.

The idea that China blocked the news of such release is also plausible given what we know of their reaction early on. We know they deleted info,issued orders to suppress information,tried to claim it didn’t originate in China etc.

That doesn’t mean all this other random nonsense about it all being a government strategy to control humanity , it’s not a real virus , it’s about taking away your rights blah blah should have any traction .

I ask again do you know anybody who has got covid, cos believe me you don’t want to get a bad case of symptomatic covid especially if there is no medical treatment available !!

You should have tried the 70’s-80’s of last century.

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Yep it’s extremely unlikely,and there would probably be more obvious genetic changes if so . They had the bio 3 lab in Wuhan and the other CDC lab doing research on the same viruses for years,coming and going from Yunnan and other bat virus hotspots. . It could simply be a matter of chance x time. They could have modified the spike protein to be a better fit for the human ace 2 reCeptor (it’s basically a perfect fit ), but theres no paper trail pointing to that in their research I believe and supposedly that spike protein sequence had not been predicted to be a good fit in computer simulations .

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There is a choice, you go in lockdown or wait until people are sick and the economy will shutter itself. The first is choice, the second is a gamble.

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Well … purely in the context of Elbonia, I’ll have to disagree with you there. As I mentioned elsewhere, the problems that this country faces are (a) intentionally created and (b) far more serious than the (potential) morbidity/mortality associated with COVID-19. I’m not quite sure who’s in charge now, but it’s probably not the government, and nobody has anybody’s best interests at heart. It’s all about crushing the middle classes, profiteering, and instilling fear of authority. The Constitution has been quietly torn up and burned in the name of “public safety”. Guns are very much in evidence to make the point.

But you’re assuming it’s possible to avoid infection indefinitely. Do you really believe that’s realistic?

Where has the latter happened? Economies have shut down because policy makers have decided to lockdown, not because the general population have panicked about a 0.6% fatality rate virus and chosen to hide in their homes.

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Of course , vaccines are coming. You can still get infected but it’ll be a minor ailment at most.