Coronavirus Funny Pictures etc. (political too)

Who said Germans have no sense of humour?

There’s another funny one here:

Addressing the point in the video, people will say, “huh, she’s missed the point, the science evolves and in time we find out what works and what doesn’t”. Which is true. But the politicians don’t say that. They don’t say “Here’s what we suspect is true today, and we’re suggesting that you do this and this”. Instead, they present their silly policies as based on hard fact, and people then become confused and cynical when it turns out that they were just taking a guess (or making stuff up) and hollering “science” to give their opinions legitimacy.

From the huge protests in London on the 24th April:




How is that funny?

This thread came about a year ago when like 70% of the memes were about COVID, and some people were complaining that they didn’t want to be reminded of it every time they clicked the regular ‘Funny Pictures’ thread. I feel like now this thread is just occasionally bumped to make some super unfunny point about vaccines or something from the usual gang of anti-vac posters, and most of the other memes about life in a post-Covid world are slipping back into the normal ‘Funny Pictures’ thread. So maybe it’s time to retire this thread.

You see no humor in people wearing masks where they’re totally unnecessary…and even possibly detrimental?


I wasn’t replying to you.

Since we’re on the subject, whether I agree with the point or not, I wouldn’t say it’s a gut buster. You can do better. But you weren’t the one I was thinking of when I made that post.

Ha, I guess I assumed because it came directly after my post.

I actually quite liked it. But humor is subjective of course. I’ll strive to do better in the future.

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I had a draft and then finished it later, so I think that’s why. I’ll give you a hint; he has the same name as something you blow out candles on once a year.

let’s keep this thread alive



Quit living in the past, man! :grandpa:

I agree it’s funny. I also agree it’s “not a gut buster”. Maybe we should have a separate thread of photos that are not necessarily funny but still good/interesting photos of life in the age of Covid.

xkcd fully_vaccinated


Why wear a mask for a video conference?

The obvious answer would be that there were other people in the room with him?

Oh look, @cake is wrong again. I’d crack out the celebratory fireworks, but I’ve already run out.

So where was I wrong?
I asked a question, ‘Why wear a mask for a video conference?’
You seemed to have missed the point of the video too.
Then a snopes (does the clown who founded it still spend 100K on hookers?) link which said why he wore it or their belief why he wore it.
So how was that question ‘wrong (again)’?

I’ve answered your question already? It’s the president of the USA, and I’m pretty confident that he would have had other people in the room with him. I seriously doubt he was wearing a mask because of the video conference, but rather in spite of it because there were others in the room.

And if he hadn’t been wearing a mask when there’s others in the room, you’d be calling him a hypocrite, no?

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