Coronavirus: how the Taiwan government’s helping financially

Well, It’s worth tracking how the Taiwan government is helping people and businesses financially.

Will assist paying salaries.

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Trying to inject money into small business.

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Taoyuan Airport is a ghost town. I’ve never seen it this empty.

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I flew through Taiyuan airport on its lowest passenger day ever at the peak of the SARS crisis. :grin:
Songshan must be half closed.

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I don’t think we should subsidise most of these hotels and restaurants and travel agencies. They already received subsidies since last year .


Had a tea time in a shop near Songshan airport where you can see the runaway from. Flights all the time, mostly landing. But I couldn’t really tell if the numbers were lower than usual, I had to stop talking many times because of the noise from the planes.

this is just part of HK planned budget, not passed/discussed yet.

Those of us during SARS remember getting consumer coupons from the Taiwan government.
That is more likely to happen again, imho.

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Why do we keep having to subsidise night market vendors (who don’t pay tax) and shops?


To prevent economic meltdown.

Modern economies are incredibly brittle, and the fear of epidemics could have impacts as bad as an actual epidemic. The multiplier effect of currency circulation works both ways: once business starts tailing off in some obscure sector of the economy, the knock-on effects can be catastrophic.

This is not “subsidy” - nothing is actually being given away. It’s simply a dilution of M0/M1 money. Whatever happens with coronavirus, it’s a reasonable strategy:

  1. Coronavirus goes away. If the economic fundamentals are basically OK, printing currency to give away today will just fade away into the ripples tomorrow.

  2. Coronavirus turns into a global epidemic. Everything’s going to turn to shit, fiat currencies will become worthless, and we’ll all have much, much bigger problems to worry about. Ever read The Stand?

I agree but I prefer if they give me a tax rebate or some cash equivalent coupons with an expiry date. I recall the time they did it before …

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They might do that (as well). Let’s see.

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NT$4.2 billion to be provided to support the airline industry, plus an additional NT$800 million for the tourism and transportation sectors “to subsidize training for travel operators and the transformation of the sector”:


Don’t remember that one, but the one during the 2008 melt down I remember.


yes, you ARE correct. Was 2008 financial crisis.
I’m going stop the gingko biloba and start a memory diet of belgian waffles washed down with belgian beer

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The last bunch of travel subsidies few months ago were for citizens only , all my family could apply including my kids but not me.
.But back in 2008 I think we residents got the coupons as well, so long ago I can’t remember .

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I sure don’t remember that!


Have to keep taxi drivers happy. They sure do get a lot of government assistance.