Coronavirus Mental Health/Support Thread

I think my parents are mental, or at least have a death wish. They are having my sister’s family over for Christmas. Dad’s 80, mum’s78 with heart disease.

I just can’t believe it.


I don’t think that’s true. Finance sector is pretty big, Fintech is thriving for example. Most banks are looking at huge assets losses in defaults. A lot of layoffs.

Day traders are making a killing though. Unless they really suck, then they’re losing big.

Here’s the article I read. I don’t know much about the divisions of banking, finance, etc. so maybe saying “finance sector” wasn’t the best choice of words? Not sure.

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I went through a purple patch but looking the break at Xmas, even though can’t see fam. Will be taking a jaunt around Taiwan .

A childhood friend posted on social media in desperation complaining about no follow up after interviews although he has 20 years experience in IT sales. That one sent a few shivers through me as reminded me of a period of unemployment a while back.

I’ve been lucky with the job pretty stable even though not much of a bonus on the cards this year.

Think of ways to have fun this Christmas I went all out on the cheesy Xmas decorations .


I’ve been really struggling with imposter syndrome at grad school. I keep doubting my ability to do well, and thinking everyone else is much smarter. My finance program is ranked top 5 in the UK so my peers are really intelligent so it’s a bit different than undergrad. It’s been really stressful with the lockdowns and exams this week.

To my surprise, the exams were easy for me. I probably over studied if that’s possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve been getting over 90% when 70% and above is the highest marks rewarded in the uk.

Feel a lot better about things now.


How to deal with the pressures of the COVID crisis and what some call “chronic stress”? The CBC has posted this helpful video outlining some of the ways to weather the storm:


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You need to love yourself a bit more

Wait I’m in the wrong thread haha

I was trying to cheer up Taiwan luthier

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Social media might appear to be packed with bad news, but for many, it is also a key to stay updated and connected with colleagues and loved ones. Keeping your mobile out of your bedroom, or self-imposing screen-free time can help you to balance the negativity with the advantages social media brings.

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I really envy you guys in Taiwan. The lockdown is just horrible in the UK. No real ending in sight.

The last few days have been terrible. I have a bad cough but it’s not COVID. Just bronchitis but a hell of a time to get a cough like that. Add that and I have pretty bad sciatica, couldn’t sit or walk about much. And the coughs tenses up my entire body giving me a sharp pain each time. Pretty much made me stuck in bed.

I have so much stress with masters program right now. I’m actually doing the 9month program which is more workload than the 12 month. Adding having to prepare for an outside accreditation exam CFA L1 which has less than 50% pass rate and my side business that’s growing. I definitely was just struggling mentally not being able to work and get out of bed with so much to do.

Really hope things get better and the lockdown ends. At least schools can return and I can go to class and interact with classmates and teachers. Just being at home like this all day is getting to my ahead more and more. There’s just so little release and the physical health issues is causing me so much physical pain.

I hope everyone is doing alright. It’s been a struggle the last few day as for me.


Hang on in there Andrew. The days will get be getting brighter there and you have nice Spring weather then.
I remember my post grade stress so I’m not sure what else to say except it will pass. And it’s okay to park some projects or business to the side .
I have been getting anxious about when I can see my family again and go travelling again due to the lack of vaccines here . I also work at home a lot and my job lost a huge amount of its joy now I cannot travel overseas and meet colleagues and customers .

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Thanks Brian. Yeah. The British winter is not helping.

I don’t throw around the world depression lightly. But I was definitely really depressed, nothing I’ve ever felt. I just found no joy and couldn’t get out of bed. Just such an awful feeling. Just a lot of negative thoughts and anxiety from not being able to get any work done that’s piling up.

I feel a bit better today. I got some antibiotics and medicine for cough. It’s actually funny, codeine is not OCT for cough medicine but it is do pain. So I just took the ones with codeine with paracetamol. I do have pretty bad sciatic nerve back pain so it also help. The codeine helps with the cough.

In terms of grades; I’ve actually put myself in a good spot last term. My average now is 78, 70 is the highest part for distinction the highest honor of completion. So I actually have some room for error this term where i don’t need to get all above 70 which is difficult in the UK.

But the side business is picking up slowly. Not that crazy but it’s something to keep up. I’ve ask my gf to help carry the load and have her take a half term until the summer when i finish school.

I hope they open the gyms soon. That would help a lot mentally and physically. I think I’ve been having physical pain from just not exercising much. I do plan to run a bit everyday once my cough improved.


Hope all is well in Taiwan for you. And hope you’ll be able to visit your home country soon. I know you’ve been missing that.

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I was looking into moving back but how can you move back to a disaster zone ? Maybe I’m exaggerating but it’s also ruined many plans for me. On the other hand I have been trying to learn new things here .
Your masters will be done soon , benefit of UK system , you should indeed focus on that and physical health . Park the other things.

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I forgot. You’re from Ireland or Northern Ireland?

Taiwan is probably the best place to be right now. Trust me. Constant lockdown and fear take a toll on you. Make the best of it, the world would love to be in Taiwan right now despite its flaws.

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Boris Johnson said he thinks all adults will be vaccinated by end of July. I don’t know how reliable he is (and trying not to make this political), but hopefully UK can stick to that timeline. Good luck!

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UK despite the total incompetence so far; have been doing one of the best in vaccinations. Far better than the EU in fact. The EU messed up big time it seems.


Yes, it has me rethinking my thoughts about Brexit.

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It’s somewhat true.
However remember the EU has 450 million people or whatever. And the UK has always had a strong domestic pharma sector. So it was better prepared on that side. And for once the govt risky bet there paid off big time as they vaccinated without full data and single shots first.

The EU can’t just distribute all the vaccines to Belgium first and then Italy and then Spain. It has to allocate them out fairly equally . The fact of the matter is for UK to have more other countries will have less. This isnt to put down the UK for a great job on vaccination.

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It isn’t. I phoned it in like, a lot, and still got >70 for most of my modules lol. I feel like they are very generous with their grading. I even managed to get an essay published.