Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

I was actually going to suggest you get that engraved into metal, framed, and mounted.

I also agree with Finley
–Brianjones, September 2021


Shit just got real.


Hilarious…good one :grin:.

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Reddit removes anti-vaccine subreddit

Not sure if this has been posted yet.

‘Extremely Scary’ will be the name of the next variant.

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I think they used that name last time. They’ll have to come up with something better.


I for one, am not interested in any new variant…

‘Everybody is Going to Die!!!’


I’m surprised that delta isn’t referred to as “第四個變體”, or some equivalent name with “四” in it.

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Im only interested when it gets to the Xi variant.

“i” for injection? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No.44…People will run away in horror.

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They are going in order: a variant only gets a letter if it reaches “of interest” level (Mu has already been assigned, so next one should be Nu). Delta was the last variant that was upgraded to “of concern” (Episilon, Zeta and Theta were downgraded).

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Lambda is not after Delta.

After Delta is Epsilon.

Technically they’re both after Delta :wink:

Epsilon was previously assigned and that variant is still on the “alerts for further monitoring” list as B.1.427/B.1.429. I guess Zeta and Theta fell even further because they’re not even on that list.

ETA clarity: All letters from Alpha to Mu have been assigned.

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Still, that’s a lotta letters to skip over.

I don’t think they will use Ξ ξ xi, ξι [ks] x as in English fox [18]
chi, χι [] c as in English cat [11][note 2] [x] ~ [ç] ch as in Scottish loch ~ h as in English hue

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This is insane… :open_mouth:


They should do that for people in quarantine in Taiwan. Random calls!