Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

Google prepares storing vaccination information on the phone.
This can be used by countries as a digital vaccination proof.


This is not a sufficient proof unless it matches a QR tattoo.
It would be wise to scan one’s mark prior to getting into any interaction.

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Listen to Autie Peng. She has been around.


All I’m suggesting here is that TPTB are caught up in their own importance, and that human superstition is only just below the surface, ready to rise up when needed.

My assertion about immunity was intended to be nothing more than entertainment, like all the other predictions of case numbers, and all I’m doing here is explaining my rationale behind the prediction. You can ponder on it, or laugh at it, as you see fit. It will become either true or false at the relevant time.

The politicians need to finally grow a pair and set a rule that once a certain percentage of the population are vaccinated all guards are dropped. Nature will then take its course with the rest. We can’t remain hostages for ever.

70% feels like more than enough.


This was always their “herd immunity” target in the first place. They told us that once 70% were vaxxed they’d leave us alone.

And we trusted them.

Wonderful. Just what we need. Google now officially in charge of what we do, and not merely what we think.

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I think I saw that on another thread, though…

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Interesting that two of these studies showing broadly similar results using different techniques (40-50% of uninfected individuals showing some immune recognition). Although they assume that this immunity is a consequence of previous exposure to similar viruses, it seems rather implausible that, by this time, they haven’t also been exposed to SARS-CoV-2.

Anyway, it seems completely obvious to me that most people have enough immune response to avert serious harm. If this were not the case then every person on the planet should have experienced symptomatic infection by now. 90%+ have not, even in the worst-hit countries.

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Ring-a-ding-ding. Round 2.


What happened to the old lady emoji?

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I wonder if any of those that support death to those that do not want to take unlicensed injections would also allow their kids to be a lab rat?

Speaking of jabs, the boosters which will be forever are coming. Reminds me of Brave New World and SOMA the free medicine for the plebs:

Whenever someone is sick assume it is C19? Great for the casedemic.:
Should chapped lips be added as a symptom?

Including fatigue, headache, sore throat and diarrhoea on the official list of Covid symptoms would pick up a third more cases of the virus, Calum Semple, a member of the Scientific advisory group for emergencies (Sage), said.

Sounds like the description of a hangover. And if you had a curry the night before you could say it is the ‘Indian variant’
Great way to find more ‘cases’ though.

Meanwhile in Australia. I wonder if she will be allowed to do many more of these public announcements?:

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Does anyone have any insight or background to this other than this skimpy article? First question in my mind is how long did it take for him to receive medical assistance. Police were first responders, who then only on their arrival, called an ambulance. Very saddening.

Why not? You seem pretty keen to ascribe every weird symptom experienced by somebody who got vaccinated, reported by some random bloke on Twitter, to the vaccine. So it’s fine to do the same for COVID, no?

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Yes, will make a shit load of cash for the medical industrial complex and keep the plebs tied to ‘vaccines’ for life.
Maybe I should post more ‘random bloke on twitter’ stuff.

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Is it possible to post more? I was under the assumption that you’d already been posting all of it. I actually deleted the app from my phone a couple of months back during a decluttering attempt so I wouldn’t have to see duplicate “information”.

I don’t scratch the surface with what I could post.

The shape of things to come elsewhere?
I hope there is a revolt.

Time to face the reality, like it or not. Which is that in most places in the developed world you can have vaccines or draconian restrictions. Pick one.

As I type this I’m sitting in a cafe in Cali. Face masks are optional indoors for the fully vaxxed (honor system). Capacity restrictions have been removed for businesses.

This getting closer to normal life situation is only because of the high rate of people who are vaxxed.


Day 2 of re-opening here in vaxed-up Oregon. Go anywhere, do anything you want now. It’s like Covid never existed – despite the fact that there were 196 new cases and four deaths yesterday.


Most likely the vast majority in unvaxxed people.

0 COVID should not be the goal. Even if there are breakthrough cases (from Delta), if 99% of the people are only getting mild cold-like symptoms for a few days and not suffering lasting damage, states should stay open and let the people who chose not to get vaxxed deal with the consequences.