Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

Oregon - 4.2 million people, connected to the rest of the continental US reports 196 new cases.

Taiwan - 23.6 million, connected to no other jurisdiction reports 50 new cases (47 local transmissions).

Weighted by population that would be like Taiwan having 1101 new cases reported yesterday.


So there aren’t any restrictions for non vaxxed? If it is an honor system, then they can do everything.

Are there any real restrictions?

And the vast majority of the cases are in people who chose not to get vaxxed.

Also there’s this from Oregon:

In June there were 63 COVID-19-associated deaths. 94% of these deaths were in
unvaccinated individuals.

TW had nearly as many deaths last week alone.

Basically no restrictions now.

If you’re not vaxxed, you’re supposed to wear masks indoors, etc. It’s all on the honor system though so of course there will be unvaxxed people who go maskless. And they can get sick and die.

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Hey remember those deadly viruses in the carcasses trapped in permafrost in Siberia?
Oh, well…

And there is also lots of methane trapped in the permafrost. :hotsprings:


This is not so far turning out to be a very good year. :slightly_frowning_face:


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It looks like the Australian Government might finally be realising that they need to awake from their past 16 months of slumber. They havent spelled it out in any great detail, but it looks like once Vaccinations meet some as yet determined percentage of the population that they will move.

For all the noise that has been made, Hospitals have never been under stress and at present only 65 people are in Hospital.

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Sooo … here we go again, then.


Psychopath Klaus Schwab from the WEF - which is behind ‘The Great Reset’ seem to be desperate to get the world jabbed. They claim ‘herd immunity’.
How can you have herd immunity for something anyone can apparently get irrespective of a needle in your arm?

They have devised a way to get those that do not adhere to the WEF plan.
I wonder why they are so desperate? I wonder when Klaus will be demanding konzentrationslagers?


The WEF are just trying to help! :wink:

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Seems they finally realised how ridiculous the old strategy was when the virus started popping up all over the place and disrupting cities that aren’t Melbourne. Particularly while apparently still taking in planeloads of people from India among other places as if nothing could go wrong there…

Summary: officials should use thought control, fear, coercion, and manipulation of the public debate to get people vaxxed.

Hard to tell if these rich buggers are actually running the show, if they’re just useful idiots being used as pawns in an even larger game.


Leave those kids alone:

Couldn’t agree more.

I think he’s absolutely right that a society that uses its children as a shield - and a completely ineffective one at that - from their adult boogeyman fears does not deserve to survive. And I suspect we won’t. Nature tends to deal out karma in unexpected ways.


I have kids and I wouldn’t have a problem if they got vaccinated I guess.

I wouldn’t force them to be vaccinated or others kids though.

Can’t wait to go back to Europe and enjoy the Summer due to vaccines !!!

Psychopath ? I don’t think you can accuse people like that here without some clinical evidence.

Of course because there’s no real community spread.
Why would there be stress ?

“When posed the question as to whether the alert level will be lowered given the steady decrease in cases, CECC head Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) on Monday afternoon (July 5) said the center is not yet ready to lift most restrictions.”

Taiwan not ready to lower level 3, but industry adjustments possible | Taiwan News | 2021-07-05 16:48:00

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What a pain in the arse. Couldn’t disagree more. Especially when 60 somethings get their vaccines.

Chen reiterated that all of Taiwan is closely linked together and the overall direction of epidemic prevention measures must be based on national consensus, and not on a city or county level. He said that although counties and cities have sporadic cluster infections, what is most important is the overall situation with the epidemic。

It’s an unnecessary risk for no benefits. Why would you take an unnecessary risk, albeit tiny?