Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

I wish that were actually true. Life would be so much simpler.

I fear instead that a large fraction of the population is simply incapable of seeing what’s in front of their faces, and I’m pretty sure I know why.

If you think my life-hours equivalence is wrong then it should be easy for you to explain why it’s wrong, no? The fact that you can’t suggests that it’s not me who’s stuck in a propaganda loop.

If there’s no monetization of life why are life support machines eventually switched off? Assuming the patient is not experiencing pain they could be kept running at enormous cost.

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Your equivalence can be explained by eugenics. You are basically saying that a certain sector of the population (weak and old) are not worth as much as the rest of the population, which is exactly what Nazi Germany did. They did not only persecute alone racial lines, they also actively terminated physically challenged population.

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Seriously WTF? Didn’t you do a law degree? Is this the quality of critical thinking that they expect of you?

I am not talking about euthanizing anyone. I’m spelling out for you the reality of finite resources. Again: if you think it is objectively incorrect, then explain why. With some evidence. Not handwaving about Nazis.

All I see is logical fallacy and preposterous hyperbole. You keep likening lockdowns with life destruction, which is just stupid when it is nothing more than mild inconvenience. I know many people in England and in Europe and in America and they are doing fine, if a bit sick and tired of all this. Who you think has “won” the ultimate war of ideology (China) had/has by far the most aggressive lockdowns to contain the virus, yet you are here blabbering about some sort of imaginary Sophie’s Choice between those in their 20s and their grandparents.

The only reason why Europe and America can’t contain the virus is because the government imposed half-assed lockdowns which benefited absolutely no one. Britain was probably the dumbest with the Eat Out to Help Out campaign. Australia on the other hand had a strict lockdown and they are fine now. That is a fact. Not saying you can’t complain because the UK government is an utter embarrassment, but you ought to be complaining about how they didn’t draw up a more strict and coherent lockdown regime, instead of arguing about how the excess deaths all over the world are a hoax.


Should have done this months ago, but I would say offered to the vulnerable:

Am I in China?

Needlessly. I think the definition of millions of sick and also dead people is that there is a need there.

Yep lockdown can and does work and there are examples of this e.g. Australia and NZ. But they are hard to achieve. What you don’t do is like IreLand and UK abd Czechia where you say…You guys have been so good you can now go and party in Summer and have all your meetups at Xmas, booze at the bar etc.

The numbers in Spain are insane:

What part of “400 billion pounds” do you not understand? Do you genuinely not comprehend how this translates not into merely some mild inconvenience, but the wholesale destruction of the fabric of British society? Or are you simply lying to yourself because you can’t accept the moral/ethical questions that society currently faces?

There is a reason 400 billion pounds has never been spent on anything before: it’s impossible to do it without appalling consequences.

Again, I can’t be sure if you really think this choice is imaginary - perhaps because you have no idea how NICE determines how funding is allocated or how doctors decide who lives and who dies - or whether you’re just telling yourself comforting lies.

Finite funding means that values are placed upon lives, so that bad decisions are not made. Right now, cancer patients (for example) are not receiving treatment because everyone knows that they’ll just go home and die quietly, and nobody pays any attention to cancer deaths anyway. Cancer is just one of those things. COVID-19 patients receive preference because the stats are relentlessly reported.

What’s the point in complaining about something that cannot be changed?

In any case I’m not arguing that “excess deaths” are a hoax. I merely pointed out to you that - in the case of Sweden for example - they are negligible in both statistical and practical terms.


Considering the extremely high level of hospitalizations for “a mysterious disease that we don’t really understand,” and the amount of experimental combinations of dangerous drugs pumped into the suspected infected, I’m not surprised.


Are you denying that medical errors, and adverse drug reactions are not at least the third or fourth leading cause of death in countries with an advanced medical care system?

Go and do your homework.

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Here’s the UK’s stats. I don’t see ‘clumsy doctor’ listed in any of the categories:

Clever how those stats work, ain’t it?

Because “health authorities” don’t list medical errors in the stats.

But nonetheless, we know that medicine is a “practice,” and the patients being practiced on don’t always survive.


If only we could go back to when they knew what they were doing…


If only anything had changed.

But it hasn’t.

So we are still subject to these mass, authority-driven delusions.

And anybody who disagrees is branded as a heretic.

Let’s bring back Lobotomy: it was mainstream science just 50 years ago, and standard medical practice.

COVID-19 fanatics would just love it!


Those pesky health authorities killing off all those sick and elderly people for no reason …They don’t know what they are doing…You obviously know better than them …With your years of practice in the area and your deep research into the subject.



Next you’ll be telling the pilots how to fly planes cos you know better too.?

It’s the pilots killing all the passengers !!

Many countries’ national debt has risen due to covid. Britain is not the only one. 15% is a lot, but it’s not the end of the world.

Do you have any source?

They are not.