Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

The C.1.2 variant first detected in South Africa is more mutated compared to the original virus than any other known variant.


Mutations, in and of themselves, are not “cause for concern”. They’re only a cause for concern if they’re making the virus more deadly, and the paper doesn’t suggest that.

It’s certainly targeted at a certain audience. It’ll have a powerful effect.

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If only they had that much resolve with corporate sponsored change agents Extinction Rebellion…

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We have truly lost our minds.


But they’re proud to protect!

Cnuts. Dogs are normally used only for very dangerous arrests - situations where the officer’s life might be at risk. A trained dog is basically a weapon.




Hang on. RT is a propaganda tool of the Russian State. This is just another attempt by the Russians to undermine the vaccination efforts in the West, and to ensure that the pandemic never ends! Is there nothing that those dastardly commies won’t stoop to?

I’d add this to the article: every time a journalist writes a fearmongering piece, he has to ramp it up a notch. People get inured for ‘fear porn’ for the same reason they become inured to the regular kind, and want something new and different to keep them engaged. And now, here we are, with newspapers publishing the equivalent of horses-and-dwarves stuff in order to shift their product.


So Oregon just had its “worst” day of the entire pandemic on Friday. 3,207 new cases in one day. 1,098 people hospitalized with COVID, and 20 deaths attributed to COVID. Therr are just 40 ICU beds available now in the entire state.

On the same day the week-long Oregon State Fair just opened. According to local reports most of the thousands in attendance are going maskless, despite an outdoor mask mandate that just went into effect last week. Probably vaxless as well since there seems to be a correlation between anti-maskingness and anti-vaxingness.

It’s like the fight has gone out of everyone and they’re just letting COVID take over Oreganistan without a fight.

Were their ICU beds not used efficiently prior to Covid, or did they fail to spend the past 18 months increasing ICU capacity?

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Seem to recall that state did everything by the Fauci book.
Why aren’t those maskless dropping dead in the streets?

Based on what I’ve been reading it was a combination of not foreseeing the fact that COVID would be worse than ever at this point and a lack of available ICU nurses to staff the ICU beds.

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The trend of that bar graph is pretty clear isn’t it.

The numbers will continue to get worse until mitigation efforts (masking etc) are actually put into effect.


It’s very inconsiderate of them, isn’t it. Clearly, they haven’t got the memo that COVID kills everyone who hasn’t had the magic potion.


40 people died of COVID over the weekend and there were 5,545 new cases. There are only 39 ICU beds available in the entire state. That’s in a population of less than five million.

If they are double jabbed they are pretty much ok.
If not …Good luck to them !
Most European countries are ending restrictions soon I believe.

Meanwhile , I review the South East Asian situation as part of my job, and it’s very bad right now.

Remember when it was just a ‘conspiracy’?
Brave New World, 1984… had their daily meds or pills.
Twice daily pills a la vitamins or just when you get sick?:


So the problem is…

You know there are already prophylactic pills for HIV right ?

You know that…Yeah ?

That’s been the way of the world for at least two decades now. Most oldies are taking a cocktail of random and largely-pointless pills with unknown interactions:

The average elderly patient is taking more than five prescription medications; the average nursing home patient is taking seven medications. The increased risk for adverse drug-drug interactions that accompanies high levels of polypharmacy among this patient population … should lead physicians to exercise caution when prescribing pharmacotherapy for their elderly patients.

Well, duh. But it doesn’t do that, because doctors have strong incentives to keep handing them out. Most of those pills just make people sicker in the first place, so taking half-a-dozen of them at once makes you really sick. But who cares? A couple more added to the daily handful is exactly what the doctor ordered. And the oldies will love it; it’ll be something else to gossip about. Ka-ching!

So … COVID is not like the flu, but it is like HIV? :popcorn: