Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

Don’t want a vaccine, take a pill ,do nothing…Up to you…Just stop the moaning. :sunglasses:

Cake, have you taken the 5G shot…I mean vaccine yet ?

I’m curious.

Yesterday evening I toured a nearly full ICU wing in Boise. What I saw was heartbreaking. Among the Covid-positive patients all of them were unvaccinated," Little said.

“Some were young, two were middle-aged, two patients were pregnant. I was told the average age of the patients was 43. All of them were struggling to breathe and most were only breathing with help from a machine,” the governor said in a televised address Tuesday

And you’ll still get idiots calling it a ‘bad flu’.

Whatever a “bad flu” does, it doesn’t lead to that—never mind the lasting cognitive and other effects.


I had a quick look at that article and the HHS statistics for a couple of states. For a bit more context, it seems like typical ICU occupancy is 68-72% or 70-80% in normal (non-COVID) times, and that COVID patients in the worst affected states are currently accounting for more or less half of the occupied beds.


Something similar happened in the UK at the time the media were screaming about overflowing ICUs. All of the PHE statistics are available online, and IIRC about 10% of ICU beds were occupied by COVID patients at that time, on the average. The others were occupied by the usual suspects, and the majority of hospitals had quite a few free beds at any given time. Similar situation in other wards. Whatever was causing the hospitals to be maxed out, it wasn’t COVID.

I think most people lose sight of the fact that hospitals always operate at or near capacity. That’s partly because they’re designed to do so (because they have very high fixed overheads), and partly because hospitals are a bit like roads - the uptake tends towards the capacity available. A half-empty hospital is a very unusual scenario.


That’s a very high occupancy rate given we are now just starting September. They better vaccinate the shit out of those places or there will be trouble this Winter. This seems almost entirely due to unvaccinated numbers still being so large there.

Not only will there be covid but influenza and RSV and also people in ICU due to accidents this Winter.

I also agree with Finley that hospitals being overstretched is quite common especially in Winter…But I would imagine quite unusual for this time of year.


I gave you a like because I was blown away by you agreeing with me about something :slight_smile:

The emerging statistics don’t paint such a black-and-white picture of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. The rhetoric seems to have gone from “it’s 99% unvaccinated!” to “about 90%”, to “we don’t really know”:

This was back in July, but not much seems to have changed since then, and it’s complete BS. Of course they know. You can find a lot of similar “fact check” type articles suggesting that the quoted 62% figure from PHE doesn’t indicate that more vaccinated individuals are dying because the demographics of vaccination are not taken into account (which is completely true, of course). The latest published data seem to deliberately obfuscate the numbers, which is the first time I’ve seen that happening. I’ve been unable to find any up-to-date breakdown on vaxed-vs-unvaxed deaths from PHE or the ONS, nevermind broken down by age-at-death.

Not one of those fact-check articles actually continues the argument to its conclusion, and we’re left to pull things together from published data. Most COVID deaths are still among the elderly, and something north of 90% of them have been vaxed. That suggests that (perhaps someone can check my calculation) in the cohort at highest risk of COVID, the vaccine is about 33% effective at preventing death from COVID. Their risk of all-cause mortality, of course, is the same as it ever was, vaxed or not.

Now, 33% isn’t nothing. But it still suggests to me that if you don’t want to die of COVID, make sure (as far as possible) that you’re not in that cohort that’s prone to dropping dead from respiratory diseases.

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I was actually going to suggest you get that engraved into metal, framed, and mounted.

I also agree with Finley
–Brianjones, September 2021


Shit just got real.


Hilarious…good one :grin:.

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Reddit removes anti-vaccine subreddit

Not sure if this has been posted yet.

‘Extremely Scary’ will be the name of the next variant.

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I think they used that name last time. They’ll have to come up with something better.


I for one, am not interested in any new variant…

‘Everybody is Going to Die!!!’


I’m surprised that delta isn’t referred to as “第四個變體”, or some equivalent name with “四” in it.

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Im only interested when it gets to the Xi variant.

“i” for injection? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No.44…People will run away in horror.

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