Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

Oh, it makes all kinds of sense. You’re not thinking like an oligarch. Nothing like a bit of death and mayhem to keep people in line. It enhances your market value.

Germany going into lockdown again!

The federal cabinet has approved amendments to the Infection Protection Act. As a result, people in large parts of Germany will have to prepare for curfew restrictions and closed stores according to mandatory nationwide guidelines.

If there’s a race between vaccine rollout and the surge (in Canada, they say explosion) of new variant cases, it’s clear which side is ahead in much of the world right now. : (


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Ireland is restricting AZ vaccine to over 60s. I think it’s better if they gave people a choice to take it . Risk is extremely low.

Here is the lying fat scarecrow telling you the lockdowns did it. Seem to remember he said it was the vaccines recently:

Now with an increase in testing, expect another UK lockdown in a month or two. May coincide with the end of the local elections.
All the while the claim by University College London that yesterday, the UK reached Herd immunity. This was rubbished by the government of course.

Here is something new. I’ve seen some anecdotal claims before but just for serious injury that was chronic:

Meningitis due to cerebrospinal fluid leak after nasal swab testing for COVID-19
I can remember a time when implanted microchips was just a conspiracy:

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Good one. Don’t care about the rest of the post, but that made me chuckle. :laughing:


Around a year ago, I seem to remember saying the numbers could not be trusted:


Stop the presses !!!

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Unless protocols have changed, presumably that was always the case.

13 people were recorded as dying of/with COVID yesterday. I’m not sure why it’s important that they should now want to address this important question. Possibly because only 13 people died yesterday. I’m assuming the historical records will not be modified in any way.

I’m disappointed Bill Gates isn’t involved. Or is he … ?

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I’ve tried to keep moderately up on covid but was recently asked about specifics regarding deaths in the US. I checked the CDC and was surprised by what I saw.

What surprised you?

That’s a good presentation of the data btw. Well done to the CDC.

I knew that kids were less likely to get covid or have bad reactions to it, but I didn’t realize that so few people under 18 had died from it. Also, I knew that the normal flu/pneumonia was more dangerous than covid for very young kids, but I didn’t realize that when you look at all kids under 18 that the flu/pneumonia is still 3 times more deadly. I also didn’t realize how few deaths there are for people 18-39. I had looked at all this stuff mid last year, and while those trends were present then, it seems to have become even more pronounced as time has gone on. In retrospect it shouldn’t surprise me, but I was nonetheless surprised.

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It’s absolutely sickening how the media and the politicians have skewed the narrative such that everything is about COVID-19. The “it doesn’t just kill old people!” thing was particularly misleading for the general public, because while technically true, the numbers matter.

As you pointed out, life is really pretty damn complicated, and if you take your eye of the ball it’s easy to forget that all of the things that were killing people in 2019 are still there. There was a report I read somewhere suggesting that UK heart attack deaths were up in 2020 because people were seeking help too late to be saved (or possibly not receiving timely treatment).

One thing that’s not entirely clear from those figures is the number of pneumonia cases that were caused directly by COVID-19, and those that were ‘routine’ (old and sick people quite commonly die of pneumonia).

What surprised me was the dramatic fall in deaths during January - well before the vaccine programme could have possibly had any effect. At that point, only about 2-3% of the population had been vaccinated.


Hopefully we’ll have nanobots in our blood to keep us healthier soon.

I’ve nothing against technology, but personally I’d prefer to stay healthy the old-fashioned way.

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But maybe you could extend your healthy life another 30 years.

Nah, I think I’d rather check out on schedule. If you look and feel like you’re 30 when you’re actually 90, you’re going to be mighty upset about the guy with the black cloak knocking on the door. And if the nanobots actually prolong life, humanity is in for a whole new level of pain.

I thought perhaps the COVID-19 thing might get people pondering on the meaning of life and the purpose of death. It didn’t. In fact it seems like the opposite happened.


I didn’t look at the numbers for the older ages, but at the younger ones I just subtracted the number of deaths with covid and pneumonia from the number of deaths with pneumonia. Of course, some of the former could still have been routine pneumonia, as you point out.

I suppose, in the absence of any other information, it’s reasonable to assume that pneumonia deaths from other causes were about the same as in 2019, ie., 44,000. Compared to the COVID-19 total, it’s not a lot, but it’s not insignificant either.

This is not either/or choice. How about both/and?