Coronavirus Open Thread 2022

I also know people who’ve gotten it twice. Mostly extreme stuffy nose with a touch of sore throat, but the latter maybe no more than 24-36 hours.

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So I still have not gotten Covid after living in 2 hot zones in Europe. Traveled during this time. Hosted a professional conference for 150 people. I have not had any of the vaccine either. I took the antigen test and I never had it.

Here is what I’ve done so far if anyone is wondering. Idk if below are the reasons why but it is what I’ve been doing.

Wash my hands a lot. I would say 10 times a day or more.

I don’t touch door handles and things people touch. I use some kind of cloth or use my feet to open doors for example. If it must; I have hand sanitizer.

I don’t wear masks anymore tbh but I did in the beginning.

I avoid crowded places when it’s not needed. Like nightclubs or bars.

Vitamin D and C supplements.

Exercise 3 times a week and eat relatively healthy.

Stopped smoking :smoking:

I feel like the thing I’m doing the most is washing hands and being conscious of what I’m touching and not putting my hands on my face.


Maybe you caught an asymptomatic case and never knew. :man_shrugging:


For my Dad, cough, headache, slight fever, sore throat and some back aches. My mom seems mostly symptom free so far.


I thought this but I took the test to see if you ever had it and came up negative.


It’s notable as well how the fatalities are affecting men more than women, at least so far. This is not a “specific development,” so perhaps it’d be a better fit in the Taiwan Open thread. But I do wonder if someone has figured out why.


That happened everywhere.

Does anyone know why?


here is a link Men are more likely to die of COVID-19: 4 factors that may explain why


If it were the other way round the cause would be misogyny and we’d be hearing a lot more about it.


-10 ways women are disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

I remember seeing a headline along these lines a couple of years back.


Based on that link, men are—among other factors—less likely to get vaccinated and (this is obviously related) less likely to comply with public health guidelines.

Sounds consistent with some of the posting patterns on this site, where Men Obviously Know Better Than the Health Authorities, because of course they do.



They deserve it?

Why do you always find a way to attack others? You always find a way to refer back to SOME PEOPLE on this site or SOME OTHER THREAD.

I am a man, but my mum is a woman and she used to ask… if someone told you to eat shit, would you?

Just because the health authorities tell me something, I’m still allowed to question it. Aren’t I? Especially when it has been proven in many countries that the people in charge didn’t do what they were asking others to do.

Maybe you should answer my mom’s question?

If someone in authority asked you to eat shit, would you? What about if they went to NTU?


The article also suggests that men may be more likely to have poor lifestyles such as smoking.

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He knew that more men than women were dying. He knew the reasons why. He was asking the question so he could point out that more men are unvaccinated and therefore dumb like some of the posters on this site.


Yes, according to that article, other factors are at play too.


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That explanation is only plausible if there were any measurable correlation between compliance with “public health guidelines” and survival. Since there is no such correlation - and indeed no reason to believe that those guidelines could have made any positive difference in the first place - it’s unlikely to be true.


There are also plenty of women who have serious concerns about how the so-called “health authorities” have dealt with the public over the past few years, if my female coworkers and acquaintances are anything to go by. One of them had an extremely serious, permanently debilitating reaction to the vaccine (VAERS listed), and has not recovered the ability to walk and talk after 10 months.

So, please, give all of us a break, men and women, who want to fully assess the information before digesting it and throwing it up again.

And as far as I can recall, being part of society doesn’t require one to surrender one’s intelligence, not blindly accept clear nonsense as ‘truth,’ simply because it spouted from the mouth of any particular government body or politician. Politicians lie and twist things for political gain, constantly. I think it’s a requirement for the job.

In Taiwan’s case, the head of the CECC is a political appointment, and not one given to necessarily the most honest, balanced, or intelligent individual around. He or she needn’t have a skerrick of concern for public health to hold that position, nor particular expertise in anything but maintaining power and image.

That so much dishonesty, misinformation and disinformation has come from the pharmaceutical companies, the media, and politicians regarding Covid and vaccines, then it seems that to blindly accept all that these people say is a little, well, unscientific. To this day, they still do not detail the relative contribution of Covid to any death to be labelled solely a “Covid death.” It’s simply dodgy AF. They only just recently dropped suicides and drownings from that list, and only because that’s far too obviously suspect. When you parse the data, things don’t look anywhere near as dangerous as it all has been promoted.

If you think these people are pure and flawless, and have no other motivation than our health, then that’s your right. However, don’t expect others to hold that viewpoint.

To state the emperor has clothes, when he clearly doesn’t, isn’t an automatically naturally intelligent or morally superior position. Blind obedience isn’t always productive and helpful, and can often cause great harm, so we shouldn’t expect every single man to leave their nuts in a jar at the door of the “health authorities,” and worship a picture of Tsai or Chen at home on an altar.


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Yet that is exactly what they do want, and it’s clear there are many very willing to comply.