Coronavirus Open Thread 2022

Go look at the statistics, and then you will not think it is weird. Africa is the only continent that is not falling down at the feet of this man and obeying everything that comes out of his mouth.

Last I heard the continent of Africa was not annexed as the US’s 51st state. But don’t let that slow you down. :upside_down_face:



Africans are too smart to be annexed. They know danger when they see it.

I’m surprised the Grauniad has run with this:

Matches with my thoughts 100%.




Puts a new spin on herd immunity

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So I’ve just finished watching the Joe Rogan interview with Robert Malone (search for it on BitChute and choose the version labelled “Banned Youtube Videos”). It’s three hours long, but I can thoroughly recommend it to everyone, whatever side of the fence you’re on. Much of it is a discussion of the overt fraud, official malfeasance, lying, and social manipulation that has brought us to this point, but for those with less interest in such things, I suggest starting around 2:00:00, which is a half-hour discussion of immunology and pathology as it relates to COVID, vaccines, and omicron.

The conclusion, for me, was a little depressing, because they both believe that, if we continue to let this roll on, “everyone loses”, and therefore there’s an incentive for everyone to come together and work towards a better future. They’re dead wrong. For many people, hurting others is a reward in and of itself; the thread about “D” touches on this. There are certain individuals for whom the win-win scenario is not optimal; for them, it is more important that their enemies suffer than that they themselves succeed (or win). I’ve met dozens of people like this in my lifetime. You can see it in the context of history. Evil usually wins because evil people are prepared to do things that good people are not … and because evil is more fun. We’ve got a long slog ahead of us.


Great. :neutral_face:


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Dr. Evil agrees

But I don’t believe evil will win the long game.

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Do you have diabetes?
Are you obese?
Do you have heart disease?
If ‘yes’ to any of the above, did you do anything to improve your health in the last (nearly) 2 years? If ‘no’ to this question, why not?
Are you taking vitamin d, vitamin c, and (extra credit points) zinc?

This pandemic game by politicians can (and will likely) go on a lot longer than many people’s psychological breaking point. A fair number of active posters to this forum unfortunately are evidence of this already.


Meanwhile in Australia, Novak Djokovic has hit the headlines. The man seems to have been playing Tennis for quite a while whilst having serious medical issues that it seems have prevented him from being Vaccinated against COVID-19.

Money talks it seems, even the organisers of the Australian Open have taken his side.

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If the criteria for gaining an exemption were known, why would any players get rejected?

There’s a scene in The Battle of the Bulge where the German commander demands the same rations as his men so he can know how far he can push them.

Politicians don’t do this. They don’t bother to follow the rules they set their electorates, so have no idea what it’s like for the little people.


I petition for it to be called “Le variant de la COVID.”

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True. It always collapses in on itself. But in the meantime, we have to deal with that process playing out.

He is so vile.

If he gets covid and spread it to other players it would be hilarious.

Well, the big fan has started spinning in Hong Kong - first local cases for a few months - and guess what, its Cathay Airline crew, who were allowed just 3 days Quarantine previously, and now get tossed in the Quarantine slammer for 21 days.
Hong Kong has now banned inbound flights from quite a few places, including Canada, Australia, UK, USA and Cathay has had to cancel many of its own flights due to Crew Shortages due to the 21 day requirement. Another nail in the Cathay Pacific coffin.

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My whole family and me just had covid, most likely omicron in Australia.

It’s the biggest nothingburger.

My dad who is the only vaccinated one ironically has been the most sick.

I know 20+ people with the same story, and the statistics show.

If Taiwan is smart they would let everyone from Australia in without quarantine so they can get over themselves and get on with their lives.