Coronavirus Open Thread 2022

There are also plenty of women who have serious concerns about how the so-called “health authorities” have dealt with the public over the past few years, if my female coworkers and acquaintances are anything to go by. One of them had an extremely serious, permanently debilitating reaction to the vaccine (VAERS listed), and has not recovered the ability to walk and talk after 10 months.

So, please, give all of us a break, men and women, who want to fully assess the information before digesting it and throwing it up again.

And as far as I can recall, being part of society doesn’t require one to surrender one’s intelligence, not blindly accept clear nonsense as ‘truth,’ simply because it spouted from the mouth of any particular government body or politician. Politicians lie and twist things for political gain, constantly. I think it’s a requirement for the job.

In Taiwan’s case, the head of the CECC is a political appointment, and not one given to necessarily the most honest, balanced, or intelligent individual around. He or she needn’t have a skerrick of concern for public health to hold that position, nor particular expertise in anything but maintaining power and image.

That so much dishonesty, misinformation and disinformation has come from the pharmaceutical companies, the media, and politicians regarding Covid and vaccines, then it seems that to blindly accept all that these people say is a little, well, unscientific. To this day, they still do not detail the relative contribution of Covid to any death to be labelled solely a “Covid death.” It’s simply dodgy AF. They only just recently dropped suicides and drownings from that list, and only because that’s far too obviously suspect. When you parse the data, things don’t look anywhere near as dangerous as it all has been promoted.

If you think these people are pure and flawless, and have no other motivation than our health, then that’s your right. However, don’t expect others to hold that viewpoint.

To state the emperor has clothes, when he clearly doesn’t, isn’t an automatically naturally intelligent or morally superior position. Blind obedience isn’t always productive and helpful, and can often cause great harm, so we shouldn’t expect every single man to leave their nuts in a jar at the door of the “health authorities,” and worship a picture of Tsai or Chen at home on an altar.


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Yet that is exactly what they do want, and it’s clear there are many very willing to comply.


The leader of Taiwan is a woman, she didn’t listen to the leading health authorities of the WHO, which the existence of was to stop this very thing.

The irony of how not listening to such health authorities might have saved your life is lost on you i’m sure.

Because you know, some of the most atrocious acts against humanity were not done by health authorities and doctors. Oh wait.

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You named a useless venal UN organization, one that has fucked over Taiwan big time over the years. Congratulations on spotting that!


The irony of what you wrote is also lost on you I’m sure. So you can know which ones to follow but other men can’t. The hubris.

You said it better than I could.


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Please give us the list of health authorities to follow and not to follow. Us simpletons can’t think for ourselves good sir. We need you to tell us. Thank you.

So WHO is no good. Who else is no good?


Your favorite sports team. They’re the worst :grin:

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China should send @afterspivak to Shanghai. Let the men know they should comply because they don’t know better.

The reality is that even the corupt WHO gets things right a lot of the times. But they don’t always. To think we should just comply seems just irrational to me.

Why can’t people just use their reasoning to decide?

I’m not one of those people who believe to resist everything and theres a conspiricy to kill you but I’m also not going down the authoritarian path of telling people to comply to the authorities just because.

Why can’t we just use our heads and see what is in front of us to see if it makes sense. If an authority can’t explain why you should do something in a way that makes sense, why should you just comply?

Getting 4, 5, 6 and more vaccine jabs doesn’t make sense to me for something that isn’t all that deadly to young healthy people. It might if you are high risk and older.


This (declining birth rate and rising death rate) has been mentioned in various other threads, but it’s probably best left here:

The guest in the video is apparently ex-ONS (the UK Office of National Statistics) for whatever that’s worth.

I don’t necessarily agree that COVID vaccines are the slamdunk explanation for either the birth rate or the death rate. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest they could be contributory, but I don’t think they’re harmful enough to be the sole explanation. So much bizarre shit has happened over the last couple of years that there are dozens of other possibilities - they mention the rise in heart disease caused by people not exercising, eating crap food, and sitting at home feeling stressed, coupled with the shutdown in routine care. It’s also not entirely clear that this is an actual trend or a statistical artifact - we need to wait a while for more data to emerge. OTOH, the numbers are what they are, and you’d need a pretty creative explanation to make them disappear.

The video is interesting because it shows similar things happening in multiple countries, which is a massive red flag.

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Should Taiwan be doing the same? A big Typhoon could bring a lot of BA5 all at once.

I’ve seen a few movies where they put domes over whole cities.

We don’t have those yet, but surely we can just hire the film companies to help us. They have experience.

Sometimes I wonder if they know something we don’t. Then I come to the realization that they need to shift blame.

But still, I fear they have something worse than COVID up their sleeve. This level of paranoia is beyond explanation. Even the worst control policies fail to explain the lack of logic and sense. But then the stakes are higher there, the grip of control can’t falter.

That is what I thought in the beginning. When they locked down a city, I was like this must be a lot bigger than they are letting on. Two years later and I just think they’re nutters.


It’s not beyond explanation. We just aren’t privy to the information that would reveal the explanation. Sure, politicians do go insane. It’d hardly be a world first. But what they’re doing to China right now looks like it has a goal, just not one that’s immediately visible to non-CCP members.

Possibly to manage a situation in which they know, statistically speaking, that their vaccines are shite?


IMO, no. I don’t see any reason why their vaccines should be any more shite than anybody else’s. Whatever else they might be, they’re not stupid, and since they invented the bloody virus in the first place I’m sure they were able to do the vaccine development work as well as (or as badly as) anybody else. What they did was wage psychological warfare upon their own people, and they did it by the book. I don’t think they’re stupid enough to have done that by accident. Since you don’t control viruses by destroying people’s minds, then, logically, the aim must have been something that does involve destroying people’s minds.

Which begs the question: why are their vaccines shite? I mean, they have the labs that have been working the longest with this.

China is more of let me see your homework i promise I won’t copy it type. But smart enough to change and improve it of course. I wouldn’t even gamble buying medicine from a Chinese pharmacy with all the fakes being sold.