Coronavirus Open Thread 2022

What job listing is this? What makes you think it’s related to anything to do with vaccines?


That the Earth is flat. That Man never landed on the moon. That @zender cheats at Guess of the Day.


Because they were very specific in what they wanted. It was to develop a new system for them specifically for the reporting of vaccine injuries, because, again, in their words, they did not expect their legacy systems to be able to cope with the volume of reports they expected to receive. Hence, the urgency of their requirement given the importance of the data. They were looking for an AI developer.

It was published online in alternative media and was accessible directly online. I went to the job advertisement directly and screen captured it. Not sure if I still have it. Many saw it, I would imagine other Forumosans here did as well.

ICAN the informed consent network regularly sue them with FOIAs and they comply because they know it will otherwise escalate. I have several recent ones in my email inbox. Here’s a few from the last two weeks. I’m not sure how they show up when I add them as an attachment to this message, because I haven’t uploaded images like this here before.

I’m not here to convince anybody of anything though, I respect everyone has to come to their own views and choices.

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Very good.

So I’ve been playing around with the British ONS figures again.

As per my previous post, I’ve been viewing the numbers in terms of life-years lost, but I’ve re-run everything on the basis of published life expectancy in each age group (rather than assuming that the “natural” lifespan is 82 years). Neither one is more “correct” than the other, it’s just a change of philosophical viewpoint, and the conclusions are not radically different. The difference is that a 90-year-old, by virtue of the fact that he has lived to 90, is at the high end of the survival distribution and therefore (obviously) has a longer life expectancy than the average 82.

“Lost life years” gives you a nice metric for comparing the social and personal cost of any given death. It also gives you a one-dimensional baseline to compare previous and current years. Health authorities use a similar metric called QALYs, which also takes into account that a 90-year-old has a somewhat lower quality of life than a 30-year-old. I haven’t used a quality-of-life adjustment because it’s inherently subjective.

Here’s 2017-2022 (up to and including Q2):

You can adjust these figures for population, but since the UK population hasn’t changed to a remarkable degree since 2017, it doesn’t make much difference.

So at minimum the UK’s population of 69 million people “loses” 1.5m life-years each quarter. The yearly average is 6.5m. This is our baseline for “normal”. Seasonally it may drift upwards towards 2m/quarter. COVID peaked at a little over 2m. Total lost life-years over 2.5 years from Jan2020 was 10% higher than a comparable period from Jan2017 (when the population was about 3% smaller); that’s 1.7m additional lost life-years.

That was it. That was the pandemic. As of today we seem somewhat above “normal”, although very few COVID deaths are being recorded.

Did anything change with the introduction of vaccines in Dec 2020? Well, the population-adjusted lost life-years for 2017, 2018 and 2019 was a remarkably consistent 111, 112, and 109,000 per million people, respectively. 2020 was 124,000 and 2021 was … 120,000, despite the elderly being vaccinated during winter 2020 and ~70% of the population being vaccinated by mid-2021. 2022, if you extrapolate the first two quarters, is shaping up for 117,000. So we’ve gone from a 10% increase over baseline to 6% over baseline. Not very impressive for a £12bn investment in vaccines.

Here’s an age-group breakdown of all-cause mortality expressed in life-years (for children, working-age adults, middle-aged people, and the elderly):

The red line is the average for 2017-2019.

As you might expect, “COVID” affected the elderly almost exclusively. However, there are some odd features:

  • Even in the 50-90+ group, COVID was confined almost exclusively to two short “waves”. It came, it saw, it conquered, and then it buggered off. And those peaks only went 20-30% higher than the typical winter flu season.

  • In the 20-39 group: the first wave of COVID barely affected them at all, but deaths went up and stayed stubbornly high throughout 2021/22. Something pretty odd was happening there, and insurance companies have noticed the same thing.

We can make some attempt to “dial out” the COVID deaths by taking reported COVID death numbers, adjusting for “coincidental” deaths (the government claim is that 20-50% were coincidental, so let’s split the difference and say 35%), and subtracting that number from all-cause mortality. Here are the adjusted graphs (0-14 is unchanged):

Since 2020-2022 now looks much the same as 2017-2019, we might assume that this adjustment is somewhere within spitting distance of valid. That means we can reduce the government’s claim of 1.9m life-years lost “of or with COVID” to about 1.2m, and that’s probably still an overestimate.

Now recall that we had excess deaths amounting to 1.7m life-years during the “pandemic”. So if 1.2m were partially or entirely due to COVID, I wonder what happened to the other 0.5m?

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Yep,the bullet of bankruptcy… figuratively.

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No reason to. Plenty of lemmings already.

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If this is your approach, then please do not act surprised when they fail to suddenly act like the government of the UK.

Anyone listening to them understands that this is not how they roll.



I’m not reading anything you link as “Interesting” unless you tell me what you think is interesting. So there!

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The article is pretty interesting!

" The German health ministry officially admitted last Wednesday that 1 in every 5,000 injections given causes “serious side effects,” either hospitalization, permanent disability, or death. Someone who gets four shots has a 1:1250 chance of these devastating outcomes.

According to official figures, tens of thousands of people have already been hospitalized, disabled or killed in Germany alone so far. ‘Mild’ side effects for which people had to see a doctor, such as menstrual problems, heart problems, or seizures, are not included in the figures. In addition, it only includes cases reported by doctors.

The Health Ministry’s confession opens the door for vaccine victims to file lawsuits against authorities, who have always claimed the shots were safe. "


Yeah, I was reading that the other day. It’s all over the news (or what they call “New Media” these days). It seems to be the first official admission that the COVID vaccines cause(d) a massive number of negative outcomes, and puts a figure on it. There’s a discussion of it here:

The guest explains that there is considerable uncertainty about such things, but when you’re talking about serious events in the low thousands, you’ve got a really crappy drug on your hands. So one wonders why they’re still insisting that everyone, including babies, gets jabbed.

I’m sure Taiwan’s CECC will have an announcement soon, explaining why the Germans are wrong and that the vaccine is still safe and effective.


Lawsuit in the US:


And in turn, government officials will point their fingers at Pfizer/BioNTech.

the lawyers are gonna have a field day; this is bigger than lawyers chasing car accident victims


Amazing that the vaccine cheerleaders don’t have anything to say about this.

I’ve had three of them because I didn’t want to be testing all the time. I thought the chance of something going wrong was tiny.

Looking at these numbers, I put myself at more risk by doing what the health authorities had advised.


Did a google search for this and found nothing at all on topic. Did a DuckDuckGo search and got this article and virtually nothing else. Why is this not news? (I know some potential answers to this question, but I’m wondering what an official establishment media answer would be.)


I also never thought it was that high, but you’re never going to hear about that in mainstream media.

I just lost a job interview because I said I’m not vaccinated and dared to say vaccines don’t stop transmission, which is why when someone in the class (which is entirely vaccinated) gets COVID… they send the whole class home to isolate, to the 'oh, by the way, you are vaccinated? comment from the school.

So much for a supposedly conscious school supporting freedom of choice, independent research, and bodily autonomy.


I find it shocking (but not entirely surprising) that the people who have been pushing this nonsense real hard - globally, not just in Taiwan - have been teachers and educational establishments.

I suppose they can’t can they? They’ve committed too hard for too long. They’re afraid of the embarrassment involved in saying, omg, the tinfoil hat brigade were basically right. I think if any of the vaccine cheerleaders actually said on here, “I was wrong, I’ve changed my mind”, I’d still shake their hand and buy them a beer. But I think they imagine that the reaction would be ridicule and contempt. So they double down, or ignore the data and carry on regardless.

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And there’ll come a day some time way(?) in the future when all we’ve spoken about becomes accepted as fact and those that were pushing the agenda will be long forgotten and be quietly able to walk away (and deny) from what they did and said.